Sector-specific research

Interested in finding out about the products and services that international visitors use whilst in Britain?

Explore analysis and commentary on a wide range of sectors, including culture, heritage and attractions, accommodation, countryside and coast, sport, food and drink and shopping.

Inbound accommodation research

See what the types of accommodation overseas visitors stayed in whilst visiting Britain. Accommodation data is also available by region.

Understanding international visitors

View our insights into when international visitors initially start planning their holiday and considering a destination and what booking method they are most likely to use.

Activities undertaken in Britain

Find out which activities international visitors participate in whilst they are in Britain.

Inbound countryside & coast research

Find out how many visitors from overseas go to the countryside and coast whilst in Britain.

Inbound culture, heritage & attractions research

View figures on activities visitors undertake whilst in Britain, including going to museums, art galleries, castles, and historic houses.

Inbound food & drink research

See data on visiting pubs, bars, and nightclubs as well as going out to eat.

Inbound football tourism research

Discover the impact of football tourism in Britain.

Inbound shopping research

Around 70% of leisure visitors trips to Britain involve shopping - take a look at our research and insights.

Inbound transport research

The front of a red London bus route 137 going via Sloane Square, Clapham Common to Oxford Circus
Find out which are the popular types of transport used by visitors.