The decision-making process and booking behaviour

Triggers for break-taking. The rise of consumer generated content. Booking habits. The decision-making process for holidays is extremely complex – differing widely by individual, by trip and by time of year. Our research sheds some light on the subject.

Short breaks (2014)

Short breaks have been one of the most important growth areas of the market in recent years. This qualitative research project looks at triggers for break-taking, with a particular focus on last minute travel.

Booking patterns (2013)

In this survey, we asked respondents how they researched and booked their domestic holidays; when they started thinking about them and when they actually booked, as well as what websites and other information sources they used in the process.

Decision-making in the digital landscape (2012)

This qualitative research study investigates the information sources used at different points along the decision-making process, looking particularly at the digital landscape and the role of social media. The research also explores differences by life-stage – pre-family, family and empty nesters.

Motivations and barriers (2012)

We carried out qualitative research to understand what attracted people to taking domestic trips in seaside and countryside destinations, and what barriers we need to address to encourage them to take more holidays in England.