Consumer behaviour

Keen to keep abreast with changing consumer needs, wants and attitudes?

We can help you understand more about our visitors. Topics covered include the impact of the economic downturn on holiday-taking, visitor satisfaction, motivations and barriers, and the decision making and booking process.

Microgapping research

young men on a microgap
Understand current UK millennial behaviour in relation to taking a gap year in our new research on 'microgapping'.

The decision-making process and booking behaviour

The decision-making process for holidays is extremely complex. Our research sheds some light on the subject.

England visitor segmentation

Get data on five types of visitor and the things that matter to them on holiday.

England visitor satisfaction research

There are a number of factors that can influence visitor satisfaction on holiday, which is why we gather, analyse and understand what makes a satisfied customer.

The economic downturn and holiday-taking behaviour

Since late 2008 we have been carrying out research to understand the impact of the economic downturn on tourism behaviour

Bank Holiday Trip Tracker

We conduct a short survey of travel intentions, the Trip Tracker, before each of the 3 main bank holidays of the year.