Britain's competitiveness

Few British industries are as strong as travel and tourism, and few have such growth potential.

The market place for global tourism is getting tougher. The growth in global travel over the last two decades means that Britain is competing against more destinations for a larger number of potential visitors.

Find out how the world views Britain and read our tourism growth strategy for Britain, as well as see tourism's potential role in creating jobs and economic growth.

Britain's visitor economy facts

Smiling waiter wearing apron and holding a tray standing at an outdoor table of a restaurant in York, North Yorkshire, England.
Find out the central role tourism plays in creating new jobs across Britain.

Britain’s image overseas

Discover how the world views Britain.

Britain tourism strategy

Cover of Britain Tourism Strategy document
Read our long-term tourism growth strategy for Britain which aims to attract 40 million international visitors a year, spending £31.5 billion, by 2020.

Britain's welcome

Smiling woman with red hair standing behind the bar of a pub in York, North Yorkshire, England.
Britain’s welcome to overseas visitors

Final Mile best practice guidelines

View over Glenfinnan valley with steam train on viaduct and Loch Shiel in the background, Highlands, Scotland.
Download best practice guidelines for developing the final mile from transport to attraction.,