Attractions: Business Confidence and Performance Monitor

Helping to build a picture of the tourism landscape in England at key points in the annual cycle, every year we ask around 300 accommodation providers and around 250 visitor attractions* to report their performance, as well as their expectations for the months ahead. This all feeds into our Tourism Business Confidence and Performance Monitor

*Prior to July 2017, sample targets were 500 completes for accommodation sites and 300 completes for visitor attractions.

Alongside performance statistics, we also ask a number of different 'hot topic' questions to collect information about relevant issues that may affect performance.

We produce detailed reports from this survey for the attractions sector, with results broken down by attraction size, type, location and indoor/outdoor focus.

For summary reports across both sectors and for reports on the accommodation sector, see our Tourism Business Confidence and Performance Monitor.

Latest reports


Business performance dashboard:

Infographic of Business performance dashboard: attractions. Showing stats for Visitor numbers and satisfaction


Past reports






Reports prior to 2012

The England Attractions Monitor was introduced in 2006 to provide a more regular update on the performance of the sector through the course of the year. The survey was discontinued after Q4 2011, replaced by the new Tourism Business Monitor.

At the end of each calendar quarter, a sample of attractions was asked to provide information about visitor numbers, business performance and confidence for the coming period. Each quarter we also include a 'hot topic' question, for example, asking about changes in visitor profile as a result of the economic downturn and a weaker pound.

Typically, over 300 attractions responded to this, and the data was augmented by visitor numbers from over 200 English Heritage properties.

The data was collected using an online methodology.