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Read more on the ways in which we’re continuing to support the industry during the COVID-19 pandemic through the DMO Emergency Financial Assistance Fund and the Escape the Everyday DMO Marketing Fund. Also see more about the Discover England Fund that has played a key role in driving inbound visits and spend and supporting the domestic market through delivering world class, stand-out, bookable tourism over the past five years.

Gateway Innovation Fund

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Find out more about funding to deliver international marketing to specific inbound regions.

DMC and Inbound Tour Operator Amplification & Distribution Fund

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The Destination Management Company (DMC) and Inbound Tour Operator Amplification and Distribution Fund is open to eligible DMCs and inbound tour operators to apply for grant funding to develop and market tourism to Britain, working with international tour operators to dial-up promotion in their 2022 programmes, supporting the sector’s recovery.

DMC and Inbound Tour Operator Fund Frequently Asked Questions

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Read our FAQ on the DMC and Inbound Tour Operator Fund.

COVID-19 destination management resilience scheme

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A £1.3m COVID-19 Destination Management Resilience Scheme is now open for Destination Management Organisations to apply. Find out more.

Escape the Everyday DMO Marketing Fund 2022

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Check if you're eligible and apply for the Escape the Everyday Destination Management Organisations’ Recovery Marketing Fund. The Fund provides the opportunity for DMOs to apply for grant funding to deliver local marketing activities aligned to the national campaign.

Round 2: Destination Management Organisations’ (DMO) emergency financial assistance fund

Round 2 of the Destination Management Organisations’ (DMO) Emergency Financial Assistance Fund is designed to help alleviate the serious financial pressures faced by eligible DMOs in England, caused by the collapse in commercial income revenues during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Discover England Fund overview

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Find out more about the £40 million Discover England Fund.

Discover England Fund Pilot Projects

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Find out more about the pilot projects funded from the Discover England Fund.

Discover England Fund Large-Scale Projects

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Find out about the Discover England Fund two year large-scale collaborative projects.

Discover England Fund Year 5 – Recovery funding

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Find out more about Year 5 funding and recipients to aid the recovery of tourism product affected by COVID-19.

Governance & compliance

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If you are considering an application to the Discover England Fund, find out what you need to know to be compliant.

Research Programme

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Research will underpin the Discover England Fund. Find out more about the research programme.

Northern Tourism Growth Fund

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The Northern Tourism Growth Fund (NTGF) aimed to promote the North of England through a wide-ranging programme of activities.

South West Tourism Growth Fund

A collage of great campaign posters featured around a map of South West England. Campaigns for party,soak up,dance, zip, dwell, catch, and ramble
The South West Tourism Growth Fund (SWTGF) aimed to develop and promote South West England's visitor economy.