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We are seeking out inspiring products and experiences to be featured in our ‘See Things Differently’ campaign. We invite you to share your latest news and stories appealing to our Experience Seeker audience for potential inclusion in our marketing and PR activity. Find out more about our campaign and get involved! 

  • Major destination news for 2024 
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Our See Things Differently Campaign

Our international GREAT Britain marketing campaign invites visitors to ‘See Things Differently’, showcasing Britain as a dynamic, diverse and exciting destination, packed full of activities to come and enjoy now, with a warm British welcome at its heart. Read more about the campaign.

What are Experience Seekers?

Aged 25-44 years old, experience seekers are high value international travellers who are spontaneous, pack lots into their holidays and are looking for exciting new ideas and experiences to share with others. Read more about our target audience.


What are our key experience buckets?

People standing on high point looking down at mountain view in Glencoe Scotland. VisitBritain/Kieran DuncanTrails and adventures

Britain's diverse landscape and cityscapes offer countless opportunities for trails and adventure. Whether it’s discovering mural trails, exploring national parks, or uncovering best-kept food adventures, Britain offers visitors a chance to experience the thrill of its outdoor playground.


Innovative tastes

A group of friends sharing drinks. Credit: Getty Images/Compassionate Eye Foundation/Gary BurchellBritain's culinary scene has undergone a revolution, with a new generation of chefs and producers putting a modern spin on classic dishes, from both Britain and around the world. From the vibrant street food scene to the innovative cocktail bars, Britain offers visitors a chance to taste top notch quality food and drink from some of the most engaging characters and inventive places.


Cultural powerhouse

Couple kayaking on a river under blue skies. VisitBritain/NGI/Michael BaisterBritain offers a wealth of opportunities for travellers to discover the dynamic cultural scene from re-emerging music genres to the eclectic art collections, the generational fashion movements to the eccentric traditions and timeless landmarks - there’s nowhere else in the world where you’ll find the unconventional and familiar all in one place.



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Two women kayaking on a river towards a bridge

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