Do you provide a sustainable tourism product?

Tell us about your sustainable tourism product for potential promotion across our channels.

What do I get?

  • Opportunity to feature in our website listings as part of a new campaign
  • Overseas promotion of your product to reach target market
  • Potential free promotion across our website, social and PR channels

What is it?

We are collating outstanding sustainable tourism products and experiences to add to our websites and PR channels for the attention of consumer and media and to share with our overseas PR offices, and potentially to include in our new campaign geared to a (25-44) Buzzseeker audience.

Please tell us about your stand out sustainable products and experiences in order to be featured in our listings. Useful information that would be relevant includes:

  • What makes the product experience special?
  • Are you signed up to any registered green scheme?
  • Does your area have protected status?
  • Are you doing community engagement around the product?
  • Is the product open seasonally outside summer holidays?

Stand out green policies, for example: green travel, recycling, waste management, packaging policy, green energy, use of local produce and suppliers.

Please send at least one image of the product, that you have the permissions to use, which showcase your product.

Please send information about your product and an accompanying image to by the end of January 2022.

See more about sustainability on the Business Advice Hub.

Windfarms and blue skies

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