Youth & study

The youth traveller is identified as a key target audience in the Britain Tourism Strategy as youth visitors plant the seeds for return trips: 63% of holiday visits to Britain are by repeat visitors.

From 22 May we will be working to update all of the data and documents on this page following the Office of National Statistics (ONS) revision of the International Passenger Survey (IPS) data for 2009-2018 and the released detailed 2019 data. Please be patient as we update these pages or contact the VisitBritain research team if you have any questions- VB/ Thank you.

Youth audiences are frequent users of online content so being present in their online space is crucial. Britain’s vibrant city-life resonates strongly with the international youth audience and offers the audience their most valuable currency − social cachet.

We work with a range of partners to target the youth market.

Inbound visitors who undertake an English language course

Every year VisitBritain adds extra questions to the Office for National Statistics International Passenger Survey to help us better understand the needs and characteristics of overseas visitors to Britain. One of the questions that we added during 2013 asked departing visitors ‘Did you go on any English language courses while on this visit?’

The table shows that the number of visits from overseas in 2013 that encompassed an English language course stood at almost 1.1 million, or 3.3% of all visits, with spending by those who took a course amounting to £1.2 billion, or 5.9% of all spending. The typical visit lasted for almost twice as long as the average visit but had a slightly lower spend per night. These two attributes combine to result in the average spend per visit being £1,149, almost twice the £640 when looking across all inbound visits – this spend is for the whole of their trip, so would cover any accommodation, shopping and excursions costs alongside course fees.

Key facts and figures

Measure Took English language course Share of total All visits
Visits (000) 1,075 3.3%  
Spend £(m) £1,235 5.9%  
Average length of stay (days) 14.6   7.5
Average spend per day  £79   £86
Average spend per visit  £1,149   £640

Read our full profile of inbound visitors to Britain who undertook an English language course (PDF, 1.47MB) during their stay in 2013. Published August 2014