More about British tourism

three people walking down Carnaby Street in London, smiling, with shoppers in the background. The sign welcome to Caraby Street can be seen in the mid-distance

Tourism is a complex industry made up of many different businesses, with a common theme being that they provide products and services to tourists.

Find out more about the tourism industry in general, the structure of tourism in Britain and some of the key tourism industry groups and bodies here in Britain.

Tourism Sector Deal

View of the Broadway Tower through trees in The Cotswolds, Worcestershire, England.
In June 2019 the Government announced a Tourism Sector Deal. See the highlights of the deal and the key commitments.

Introduction to tourism

Family sitting on grass on top of a cliff at Trelissick Garden, Cornwall, England, UK
Introducing the industry, including defining tourism and tourism products.

Structure of tourism in Britain

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Tourism is a devolved matter in Britain. Find out more about some of the organisations with responsibility for tourism.

Industry groups & bodies

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There are a number of tourism industry groups and bodies in the UK.

Tourist information

If you're based overseas and looking for information about visiting Britain or are planning a domestic trip within England, we have a range of information resources to help you plan.

Government's Tourism Action Plan

A cover shot of the Tourism Action Plan featuring a green valley and a sunset in the distance
A series of new initiatives and measures to help Britain out-compete other major tourism destinations, welcoming more international visitors than ever before and see more “staycations” as Brits holiday at home.

Structure of tourism in England

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Find out who’s who in our guide to the delivery organisations that make up England’s tourism landscape