Microgapping research

In July 2018, VisitEngland commissioned research to understand current UK millennial behaviour in relation to taking a gap year or career break to travel. The concept of 'microgapping' was also tested for interest and appeal amongst this target group. 

The research was carried out amongst a representative sample of 2,000 adults aged 16-34 in the UK.

Definition of ‘microgapping’ (as coined by VisitEngland): "The habit of taking short breaks that encapsulates the developmental and experiential opportunities offered on a traditional gap year."

Topline Results

  • Only 24% of UK millennials said that they were likely to take three months or longer off from working to travel within the next three years
  • However, 82% said that if it were possible they would be interested in taking a career break to go travelling
  • 64% of UK millennials found the idea of ‘microgapping’ appealing
  • Over half (57%) of UK millennials said they would be likely to try ‘microgapping’ in the UK if shown how to do it

Download the full results (PDF, 420KB)