Latest quarterly data by area

The latest quarterly data from the International Passenger Survey is available below.

This shows the overall volume and value of visits to the UK by overseas residents, with the option to filter by the nations or regions of Britain. Visit the relevant section in the site for the latest monthly data, annual trends and specific market information.

Expenditure data in the CSV file excludes spending of nil-nights transit visitors to the UK and visitors departing directly from the Channel Islands.

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An important note about the survey's methodology

  • Visitors who spend at least one night in the UK during their trip are asked where they stayed.  This information can then be aggregated to look at the number of visits, nights, and spending in different regions, cities, and towns.
  • Information at the regional level is often based on very small sample sizes, and as such should be treated with extreme caution, and used solely as an indicative estimate.  The International Passenger Survey is a national survey, and is not designed to be statistically robust at the regional level.
  • Visitors often spend nights in more than one location during their trip.  This means that when looking at ‘visits’ values for different regions will not sum to the national total – for example a visitor from the US making a single visit to the UK could be counted as making a ‘staying visit’ to London, to Edinburgh and to Chester.
  • The data includes a ‘Total UK’ category, representing the true national total for visits.
  • ‘Double counting’ is not an issue when looking at visitor nights or spending.
  • No information is recorded about where visitors arriving/departing the UK on the same day travel during their trip, nor is information recorded about where ‘staying visitors’ go for ‘day trips’.  If a visitor from France spends four nights in Edinburgh they may take a day trip to St Andrews and another to Stirling, but this information will not be recorded in the International Passenger Survey.