Final Mile best practice guidelines

Developing and improving the "final mile" connection between train station to attraction for overseas visitors is now available in a new best practice publication. 

From 22 May we will be working to update all of the data and documents on this page following the Office of National Statistics (ONS) revision of the International Passenger Survey (IPS) data for 2009-2018 and the released detailed 2019 data. Please be patient as we update these pages or contact the VisitBritain research team if you have any questions- VB/ Thank you.

Aimed at train operators, destination management organisations (DMOs) and attractions, the guidelines aim to improve the experience for overseas tourists as they travel beyond London, when navigating from the train station to attraction.

It includes practical advice and case studies to ensure that the needs of overseas tourists are met when travelling beyond London.

Improving the final mile to attractions will also bring the added benefit of encouraging more visitors to explore Britain by rail.

A young woman looks out a train window. The cover for 'Final Mile best practice guidelines', the text reads 'Why is the final mile so important?'

Download a copy of the Final Mile best practice guidelines (PDF, 7.59MB)