Experiential activity research

As part of the Discover England Fund we are delivering a programme of research to support product development in England. We have produced a series of destination reports for the domestic market for a number of popular destinations around England.

We have published new research into experiential activities by holidaymakers.

This research looks into the levels of interest for doing a range of experiential activities on holiday for domestic and inbound visitors. The report reveals insights into the opportunities, drivers and barriers for visitors undertaking experiential activities in England.


A screenshot of the front page for Experiential Activities, discover England fund research insight analysis, june 2018 report. A grid of 4 images, with the reports title centered in the middle

View and download a copy of our experiential activities research.


 A series of reports to better understand the appeal of  a wide range of activities / thematic areas among international audiences is available below.

Experiencial Activities research 

Quantative research based across 10 international markets, aswell as domestic, to identify potential oppertunity and drivers for booking experiencial product as part of an inbound or domestic holiday in England. As part of the experiencial activities research we have developed a series of market and experience specific sumary reports. These summaries provide information about demographic profiles, attitudes towards completing an experience on an english holiday, market consideration for each activity and other market profiling insights.

Download full Experiencial Activities report here: PDF (1.7MB) | PPT (7.4MB)

Experience Summaries: 
Baking School (PDF, 6.6KB) | Cheese Making Class (PDF, 6.4KB) | Chocolate Making Class (PDF, 6.4KB) | Cookery Class (PDF, 6.1KB) | Distillery or Brewing Experiences (PDF, 6.7KB) | Experience Life Behind the Scenes (PDF, 6.5KB) | Guided Nature Experiences (PDF, 6.5KB) | Spa Experiences (PDF, 6.7KB) | Street Food Tour & Tasting (PDF, 6.6KB) | Vinyard Tour & Tasting (PDF, 6.1KB) | Remote Wellness Retreat (PDF, 6.8KB) | Volunteering or Working Holiday (PDF, 6.5KB) | Foraging (PDF, 6.2KB) | Fossil Hunting (PDF, 6.5KB) | Guided Fishing Tour (PDF, 6.1KB) | Street Art Tour (PDF, 6.6KB) | Tai Chi Experiences (PDF, 6.8KB) | Homeopathic Experiences (PDF, 6.4KB) | Mindfullness or Meditation Class (PDF, 6.4KB) | Pilates Experience (PDF, 6.7KB) | Yoga Experience (PDF, 6.3KB) | Authentic Craft Workshop (PDF, 6.6KB) | Photography class (PDF, 6.4KB) | Shadowing Experience (PDF, 6.5KB) 

Market Summaries:
Australia (PDF, 1.1MB) | China (PDF, 1.1MB) | France (PDF, 1.1MB) | Germany (PDF, 1.1MB) | Italy (PDF, 1.1MB) | Netherlands (PDF, 1.1MB) | Norway (PDF, 1.1MB) | Spain (PDF, 1.1MB) | Sweden (PDF, 1.1MB) | United States (PDF, 1.1MB) | United Kingdom (PDF, 1.1MB)