Business Confidence and Performance Monitor

Changing visitor profiles. Varying confidence levels. Shifts in performance. Understanding marketing trends from a business perspective helps us gauge the health of the sector and helps individual businesses benchmark their own performance.

Tourism Business Monitor

The Tourism Business Monitor is a survey of accommodation and attractions businesses which takes place five times a year (January, Easter, July, September and October) – results are published in total and for different types of business.

At key times of the year, we ask a sample of around 300* accommodation providers and around 250* visitor attractions in England to report their performance in the most recent period and their expectations for the coming months. We also include a number of different 'hot topic' questions in the survey to collect information about topical issues and any other areas that may affect performance.

*Prior to July 2017, sample sizes were 500 accommodation and 300 visitor attractions.

A variety of accommodation and attraction types are included in the overall survey.