Activities and themes

As part of the Discover England Fund we are delivering a programme of research to support product development in England. 

1. Leisure activities research

A survey of consumers in nine international markets and in the UK to identify which leisure activities they would consider as part of an England holiday, and the extent to which these would be a driver for taking a trip.

Download the activities report in PowerPoint (PPT, 13MB) or download the activities report in PDF (3.4MB)

2. Themes and destination types

Qualitative research in Germany, the Netherlands and the US to understand consumer perceptions of different dimensions of England’s product offering, and to identify which elements are most compelling for our potential visitors

Download the Themes and Destination Types report (PDF, 3.4MB)

3. Understanding participation in leisure activities in the International Passenger Survey

This report brings together data from the International Passenger Survey (IPS) and findings from other research carried out in recent years to give insights about motivations for travel, and interest and participation in different types of leisure activities

Download the IPS re-analysis report in PowerPoint (PPT, 15MB) or download the IPS re-analysis report in PDF (1.5MB)

4. Leisure activities research: Market, Activities and Destination summaries 

As part of the leisure activities research, we have produced a series of market and activities summaries. These summaries provide information about demographic profiles, attitude towards taking a holiday to England, market consideration for each activity and other market profiling insights. The full set of summaries can be downloaded in PDF (1926KB) or the full set of summaries can be downloaded in PPT (2.6MB)

Market summariesAustralia (PDF, 421KB)China (PDF, 421KB)France (PDF, 421KB)Germany (PDF, 421KB)Italy (PDF, 421KB)Norway (PDF, 421KB)Spain (PDF, 421KB)The Netherlands (PDF, 421KB)UK (PDF, 421KB)USA (PDF, 421KB)

Destination summaries: Coastal tourism (PDF, 7.8MB)Countryside tourism (PDF, 13.8MB)London & Major cities (PDF, 1.9MB)Smaller cities & Towns (PDF, 2.9MB) 

Visiting famous / iconic tourist attractions / places activities summariesVisiting a place / attraction associated with film / TV / literature (PDF, 217KB)Visiting a theme park (PDF, 217KB)Seeing world famous or iconic sights and places (PDF, 217KB)Food and drink tour or attraction e.g. vineyard, brewery… (PDF, 217KB)

Exploring history and heritage activities summariesVisiting a castle / palace / stately home or historic house (PDF, 217KB)Visiting a religious building (PDF, 217KB)Visiting a historic monument (PDF, 217KB)Attending an event associated with local traditions (PDF, 217KB)Visiting places linked to my own family history (PDF, 217KB)

Experiencing city life activities summariesVisiting a museum (PDF, 217KB)Visiting an art gallery (PDF, 217KB)Shopping for clothes (PDF, 217KB)Shopping for locally made products / crafts (PDF, 217KB)Shopping for luxury or designer products (PDF, 217KB)Visiting a park / garden (PDF, 217KB)Having a gourmet meal (PDF, 217KB)Trying local food and drink specialities (PDF, 217KB)Having a spa / beauty / wellness treatment (PDF, 217KB)Experiencing local nightlife e.g. local bars / pubs, clubs … (PDF, 217KB)Visiting a place / attraction associated with contemporary culture (PDF, 217KB)

Experiencing rural life & scenery activities summariesVisiting a National Park (PDF, 217KB)Watching wildlife or birdlife in its natural environment (PDF, 217KB)Astronomy / star gazing (PDF, 217KB)Exploring villages / rural areas (PDF, 217KB)

Outdoor leisure pursuits activities summariesPlaying golf (PDF, 217KB)Sunbathing on the beach / by a pool (PDF, 217KB)Boating (boat trips, canal boating) (PDF, 217KB)Exploring an area by E-bike (PDF, 217KB)Going for a short country or coastal walk around <2 hours (PDF, 217KB)Going for a long country or coastal walk e.g. half a day+ (PDF, 217KB)

Challenge and / or action activities summariesTrying an adventure / adrenalin activity (PDF, 217KB)Doing water sports including sailing, canoeing … (PDF, 217KB)Cycling or Mountain biking (PDF, 217KB)Taking part in competitive sports e.g. running, football …. (PDF, 217KB)Attending English language classes / a course (PDF, 217KB)

Attending cultural / music / sports events activities summariesMusic festival / other festival (PDF, 217KB)Attending a live sporting event / match (PDF, 217KB)Attending a live pop concert / gig (PDF, 217KB)Watching a play / musical (PDF, 217KB)Attending a classical music concert / opera / ballet (PDF, 217KB)

5. Outdoor Activities research

A deep dive into the behaviour of outdoor activity enthusiasts in 5 markets (USA, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK).

Full Outdoor Activities report: PDF (3.1MB)

A screenshot of the front page of the Discover England Fun research, outdoor activities, June 2018 report. White background wuth VisitEngland logo in the top right hand corner and the report's title on the left side









Age summaries: PDF (403KB)

Market summaries: PDF (865KB)

Activity summaries: PDF (833KB)