Why work for us?

Do you want to join a committed, enthusiastic and talented team? By working for us, you can help develop world class tourism product and inspire the world to explore Britain.

As the national tourism agency, we develop England’s tourism product, showcase all of what Britain has to offer international visitors, boost Britain’s fifth largest industry and add value to the economy. Varied and fast-paced with no two days the same, we’re proud of what we do and we’re proud of the way we do it – through our supportive culture that encourages cooperation and nurtures self-motivated team players. We’re committed to growing and developing our people at every opportunity, making sure everyone in our team has the right skills and knowledge to succeed.

Group of VisitBritain staff standing in their office

Be part of a truly global organisation. Our strong digital presence keeps us closely connected to our global audience and we have an extensive network that includes dedicated staff in offices around the world.

Our values and behaviours

Our shared values and behaviours define our culture and our way of working.

High-energy and passionate about working in British tourism 

  • Embrace your work with enthusiasm and work at pace
  • Take the initiative and be proactive 
  • Be open to new ideas from colleagues, partners and industry
  • Actively encourage and support your colleagues
  • Look for the positive, problem solve and find solutions
  • Always try your best, recognising your strengths and weaknesses 

Accountable for both our delivery and behaviour 

  • Ensure your commitments are achievable and then deliver them - big or small 
  • Trust others to do the same
  • Take ownership of all that you do – successes and mistakes
  • Always review your activity and lessons learnt and share them so that others benefit and we can all adapt and improve 
  • Own your learning and development: continually seeking new skills and knowledge 

Global and celebrate diversity

  • Remember that we are a global organisation and communicate accordingly, respecting time zones, language barriers and cultural differences 
  • Ensure your communications are timely, simple and can be clearly understood by all
  • Be culturally aware - respecting race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities, religious and political beliefs and other ideologies
  • Seek and embrace cross-divisional, pan-regional and global opportunities

Collaborative, open and give trust 

  • Remember we are all in one team
  • Actively share, communicate, cooperate and involve others so that we can be the best 
  • Take the time to build relationships across the organisation 
  • Be open and honest in all your dealings
  • Include the right people at the right time, respect their views and appreciate their participation. 
  • Work as part of cross regional and divisional teams and commit to our shared goals.


  • Get to know your customer, whether internal or external, and understand their individual business needs and requirements. 
  • Put all of our customers at the heart of your decision-making and deliver the best possible service.
  • Proactively seek new opportunities to meet if not exceed customer expectations
  • Always use data and other credible evidence to make customer-led decisions

Ambitious and strive for excellence 

  • Aim high, following through on best ideas and making sure your work has a positive impact
  • Always strive for improvements  - we are a learning organisation, committed to innovating and maximising efficiencies
  • Make the best possible use of resources to ensure you and your work is as effective as it can be 
  • Provide open, constructive feedback, supporting and celebrating the achievements of others

Development from day one

We’re keen to nurture your talents and keep ahead of the curve in the competitive global market.

  • Build your knowledge of the industry, our work and your role, with an in-depth six-month induction
  • Develop a raft of skills from IT to leadership, through our range of development workshops
  • Learn as you work, through job-related project and team activities, as well as our established knowledge sharing networks
  • Expand your skillset and broaden your knowledge our different markets, through secondments in the UK or overseas
  • Benefit from the opportunity to apply for support for academic and professional qualifications
  • Review your performance through regular appraisals and ongoing feedback, learning from the year behind you and setting clear objectives for the one ahead.