Summary of actions to take when dealing with flooding

The following provides timescale guidelines for actions to take following a flooding crisis:


  • Assess your position
  • Establish the facts
  • Identify likely customer concerns
  • Develop a Personal Flood Resilience Plan


  • Liaise with your Destination Management Organisation (DMO) / tourism associations
  • Work with your DMO to identify and support their plans & messages
  • Identify useful partners
  • Develop your own messages
  • Share messages with staff, supporters & local businesses
  • Contact your customer directly
  • Update your website, share messages through social media & undertake press activity

Next steps

  • Review marketing activity
  • Review your offer
  • Continue communicating with customers
  • Seek endorsements

Your business position

  • Review your costs/expenses
  • Seek financial support & advice
  • Consider your current position & plan for the future

Post crisis

  • Update your website
  • Thank customers for their support
  • Review your marketing activity