Returning to normal after flooding

There is still work to do when things return to normal. Remember that your customers will not necessarily know that things have changed.

The first thing to do is update your website.  Make sure you remove any messages about the situation – you don’t want to keep reminding potential visitors of the issue.

Contact your customers – thank them for their patience (and support) and welcome them back.

Review your marketing activity and consider supporting any activity that aims to support the recovery of the local area’s recovery campaigns. 

Other options to consider could be:

  • Themed activity – such as a focus on local produce and customs
  • A residents’ campaign – to thank the local community for their support
  • Visiting friends and relatives – harnessing local support from residents and the media to encourage friends and family visits

A number of other options are available, depending on your budget and resources. These include:

  • Providing regular media updates
  • Promoting newsworthy stories
  • Distributing fact sheets
  • Highlighting recovery milestones
  • Encouraging high-profile visitors.