Destination-specific research

Looking for analysis and results below the national level? We've pulled together links to data for the nine former government office regions, counties, towns and cities, NUTS codes, local enterprise partnerships and constituencies.

Volume and value data from the Domestic Overnight Survey (GBTS) and Domestic Day Visits Survey (GBDVS) data available on this page is using the latest available trend data.  Methodological changes on both of these surveys (and impact from COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021) limits the analysis of time series data.    

Most Visited Towns 2017-2019

The Most Visited Towns data is published using three-year averages, listing the most visited English towns by trip numbers and spend - in total, for holiday trips, and for business trips. The most recent data is for the three-year period from 2017-2019.

Most Visited Towns by Trip Purpose 2017-2019 (Excel, 72KB)

Local Authorities and other areas 2017-2019

For other geographical areas of England (Local Authorities, Towns, Counties, Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP) areas) data is published using three-year averages only. The most recent data is for the three-year period from 2016-2018.

An introduction to this analysis is availabe (Word, 269 KB).

Master Spreadsheet (Local Authorities, Counties, LEP areas) (Excel, 546KB)

A combined spreadsheet has been produced for Local Authorities including data from both the GBTS survey (domestic overnight trips) and the GBDVS survey (day visits) to create a combined total of all domestic trips to Local Authorities.

Local Authorities combined analysis (domestic overnight and day visits) (Excel, 86KB)

Domestic day visits (GBDVS)

The GBDVS annual reports includes many analyses at regional level. The report also includes an appendix providing results for counties and towns, again using three-year averages. Historical reports are on the GBDVS archive page.

Inbound tourism

The International Passenger Survey provides data about inbound visitors to the nations, regions, counties and towns of the UK.

Economic impact 

In 2013, the Office for National Statistics published an analysis of the economic impact of tourism at regional (NUTS1) and sub-regional (NUTS2 and 3) levels. The analysis provides details of both spending and GVA.


The Office for National Statistics has produced a spreadsheet showing the number of people employed in tourism industires in the regions and local authorities of England (Excel, 203KB).