Destination-specific research

Looking for analysis and results below the national level? We've pulled together links to data for the nine former government office regions, counties, towns and cities, NUTS codes, local enterprise partnerships and constituencies.

Destination volume and value

The surveys that measure the volume and value of tourism provide results for the regions, counties and towns of England.

A combined spreadsheet has been produced for Local Authorities and Counties including data from both the GBTS survey (domestic overnight trips) and the GBDVS survey (day visits) to show the results for each survey separately and combined totals for all domestic tourism. 

Domestic Overnight Tourism (GBTS)

Note: All year on year trends estimates for GBTS are based on a comparison with a re-processed 2015 data. More detail about this can be found in this explanation document (PDF, 1.3MB)

Regions of England

We have published factsheets on each of the nine regions of England. Download the Regional Factsheets in PDF (ZIP, 4,521KB) and Excel format (ZIP, 376KB).

Each quarter we publish GBTS results for the nine regions, covering the volume and value of domestic overnight trips to different parts of England. This includes quarterly, year-to- date and past 12-month figures.

Most Visited Towns

The Most Visited Towns data is published using three-year averages, listing the most visited English towns by trip numbers and spend - in total, for holiday trips, and for business trips. The most recent data is for the three-year period from 2014-2016.

Most Visited Towns by Trip Purpose 2014-16 (Excel, 32KB)

Local Authorities and other areas

For other geographical areas of England (Local Authorities, Towns, Counties, Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP) areas) data is published using three-year averages only. The most recent data is for the three-year period from 2014-2016.

An introduction to this analysis (Word, 269KB) is available HERE

Domestic day visits

The latest annual report for the GB Day Visitor (PDF, 5MB) includes many analyses at regional level. The report also includes an appendix providing results for counties and towns, again using three-year averages. 

Inbound tourism

The International Passenger Survey provides data about inbound visitors to the nations, regions, counties and towns of the UK.

Economic impact 

In 2013, the Office for National Statistics published an analysis of the economic impact of tourism at regional (NUTS1) and sub-regional (NUTS2 and 3) levels. The analysis provides details of both spending and GVA.


The Office for National Statistics has produced a spreadsheet (Excel, 203KB) showing the number of people employed in tourism industries in the regions and local authorities of England.

ONS Atlas of Tourism

The Office for National Statistic (ONS)'s Atlas of Tourism is an interactive mapping tool which can be used to visualise ONS Tourism data for counties in England.

Destination analysis of other national surveys

Where possible, we analyse the surveys we conduct to provide information about English regions, counties and towns.

England Occupancy Survey

The monthly reports for this survey include an analysis by English region.

Accommodation stock

We conduct a census to measure the number and type of serviced and non-serviced accommodation businesses, and the number of bed spaces they offer, including a breakdown by English region.

Annual Survey of Visits to Visitor Attractions

The Full Attractions Listing spreadsheet, which is available as part of the reporting for the most recent year of the survey, allows you to look at results for each local authority in England.

Destination Intelligence System – overview of destination data

Our Destination Intelligence System is an easy-to-use online tool which brings tourism facts and figures for different areas of England together in one place. It allows you to produce summary reports of data for English local authorities, and also to produce your own bespoke tables and charts.