Taking England to the World - an inbound tourism toolkit

From learning about the international travel trade to developing a targeted marketing plan, our toolkit is your introductory guide to developing and promoting your business in international markets.

The toolkit contains advice on how to:

  • Understand the travel distribution system and its rate structure
  • Research international markets to establish who will use your products
  • Recognise the different travel styles of inbound travellers
  • Develop a plan to target international visitors through a range of mediums and distribution channels
  • Seek advice from your regional tourism bodies, as well as relevant associations and groups

We are also running a series of training workshops, nationwide, which are free of charge to attend. Find out more about the free workshops.

Download individual chapters

  • People kayaking by Tower Bridge, London


    Pre-checklist: how ‘ready’ are you? PDF, 5.5MB

    A basic checklist to help you see how 'international ready' your business is.

  • Walkers heading towards St Michael's Mount


    Help desk: quick links to get going PDF, 0.8MB

    Links and ideas for information, assistance, advice and networking.

  • A young woman walking down Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset


    Inbound tourism: what, why & how PDF, 0.6MB

    The importance of inbound tourism and how you can find out more.

  • colourful beach hut at Hove


    The type of inbound travellers PDF, 1.0MB

    The different styles and purposes of inbound travel, and an introduction to customer segmentation.

  • Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland


    Know your markets PDF, 3.1MB

    The key markets for England and the importance of understanding travel patterns.

  • An orange tent on a blue hillside with a campfire


    Cultural considerations PDF, 1.0MB

    Understanding cultural backgrounds and the importance of tailoring your message.

  • A woman taking a photo of the Derbyshire countryside


    Tourism industry research PDF, 4.6MB

    How to keep updated with the latest research.

  • A young man skateboarding down a windy road in Cumbria


    The travel distribution system PDF, 5.6MB

    Understanding the travel distribution system and its key players.

  • A couple watching a sunset over the countryside


    How to work with the main industry players PDF, 5.8MB

    How to distribute your product with the different types of travel distributor.

  • Clevedon pier at sunset


    Pricing PDF, 0.8MB

    An introduction to pricing your product for different distribution channels.

  • green foliage in the countryside


    Consider your product: review or bundle PDF, 0.8MB

    A closer look at product bundling, how it can help you and key considerations to bear in mind.

  • Cumbrian hills


    Formal & informal relationships PDF, 0.8MB

    Tips for building industry relationships and conducting sales calls and training.

  • a steam train travelling through the countryside


    How to get the most of trade shows PDF, 0.8MB

    The importance of preparing for and attending trade shows.

  • Fireworks over a harbour


    Sales missions & overseas representation PDF, 0.8MB

    How sales missions and overseas representation can help grow your business.

  • woman sitting in a rowing boat on a river next to a castle


    Working with the media PDF, 0.9MB

    Tips for building your media kit and maximising media exposure.

  • heather on the North York Moors


    Educational & familiarisation trips PDF, 1.0MB

    How to host a successful educational / familiarisation trip.

  • a chef looks at the camera with a village in the background


    Creating engaging content PDF, 1.0MB

    An introduction to developing and distributing engaging content.

  • a stag in a forest


    Sales & marketing materials PDF, 5.3MB

    Considerations when producing and distributing a brochure.

  • herd of sheep


    Digital marketing PDF, 4.7MB

    Understanding digital marketing and how it can benefit you internationally.

  • couple walking through spring blossom trees in the park


    Building an export plan PDF, 1.2MB

    What to include in your export plan and why it’s important to have one.

  • girl walking on a bridge in a Cotswolds village


    Tourism talk: acronyms & glossary PDF, 3.4MB

    Some of the more common tourism acroynms and terms decoded.

  • a young woman jumping in the air with the countryside in the background


    Final checklist PDF, 5.1MB

    A detailed checklist to see whether your business is 'international ready', having read and implemented the relevant sections of this guide.