About the International Passenger Survey

The International Passenger Survey (IPS) is a continuous survey carried out by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).  It covers all major air, sea and tunnel ports, providing detailed information on the numbers and types of visits made by people travelling to and from the UK.

The Office for National Statistics released the final International Passenger Survey (IPS) results covering 2019 on 22 May 2020. 

Data is published regularly by ONS on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Anonymous face-to-face interviews are undertaken with a random sample of passengers as they enter or leave the UK. Approximately 95 per cent of passengers entering and leaving the UK have a chance of being sampled on the survey.

We analyse the data on visits to the UK by overseas residents. Take a look at our markets, quarterly data and regions to view the data.

Each year VisitBritain sponsors questions on the International Passenger Survey to understand more about visitors to the UK. Find out what questions we have sponsored and are sponsoring in the future (XLS, 180KB).

If you would like more information on the survey, please view our frequently asked questions (PDF, 281KB), download our guide on IPS Methodology (PDF, 534KB) to understand how the survey is administered and how national estimates are produced from the sample and take a look at how world regions and countries (XLS, 16KB) are defined.

Alternatively, further details about the survey can be found on the ONS website.

If you are looking for information about inbound tourism to countries other than the UK, possible sources include the United Nations World Tourism Organisation and, particularly for European data, TourMIS.

IPS Revisions

IPS estimates are subject to both planned and unplanned revisions. Planned revisions are carried out on the IPS data as updated passenger information is made available and statistical benchmarking is applied. The annual data contains all revisions and is considered the final data.

Once such planned revision occurred in May 2020 to address an observed imbalance between the IPS estimates for the number of visitors between the departures and arrivals within the IPS, for different nationalities. A new adjustment method which updated the weightings applied during survey processing was developed by the ONS and the Social Statistics department of the University of Southampton.

The ONS retrospectively applied a new adjustment method and revised all inbound (and outbound) tourism data from 2009 to 2018 and it will continue to apply this adjustment method to all future data releases.  Data was significantly revised for some countries of residence, and to some degree for all countries; the total volume/value of tourism has also been revised upwards. More information is available on the ONS website or by contacting the VisitBritain Research Team.  We have summarised some key changes in a What's Changed document (PDF, 2.7MB). Published 8 July 2020. 

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