Understanding our customer segments

Learn how we classify our survey respondents into segments. Gain insights into the audience we target. Understand the customer journey from the initial inspiration stage through to booking a trip. 

Typing tool

We use typing tools to classify new respondents to our surveys into our existing segments. Download our typing tool classification questionaire (PDF, 406KB) to see the questions we ask.


Global Buzzseeker Pen Portrait

Our pen portrait provides an in-depth insight into the audience that we target. It provides a snapshot description of what makes Buzzseekers unique, a range of demographic signifiers, and travel behaviour including future intentions, booking behaviour, and travel preferences. The portrait is based on quantitative fieldwork and media profiling.  


Global Buzzseeker Customer Journey Map

Our Customer Journey Map is used to understand and visualise the thoughts, feelings and actions that Buzzseekers experience when a holiday to the UK moves from the initial inspiration stage through to booking a trip, visiting and then post-visit advocacy. The map outlines our role as well as the wider tourism industry along the journey, identifying what the customer needs, where opportunities sit, what platforms or research tools our customers use at specific points in the journey, as well as the average timespan that they spend in each section of the journey. 

  • Coming soon - Global Buzzseeker Customer Journey Map