The UK’s new Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme will launch soon, join a webinar to find out more

The Home Office announced in March 2023 that people travelling to the UK without a visa will soon need to get an ETA.

The ETA scheme will be implemented in a phased manner, on a nationality basis, over the next two years.

Qatar (from November 2023), Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan (from February 2024) , will be the first countries to benefit from the ETA scheme, allowing them to move to non-visa national status.

The Home Office will provide further details of which countries will be rolled out next in due course.  A full briefing of who will require an ETA, how to apply, how much it will cost and other information is available on



The Home Office will also be hosting a series of Sector events on the ETA scheme. Events are open to all who wish to attend any session.

Date Time Event Eventbrite link to register to attend Slido Link to ask questions
9 May 11.00-12.00 Open Engagement Event Eventbrite Slido #2747481
25 May 14.00-15.00 Open Engagement Event Eventbrite Slido #3274710
6 June 11.00-12.00 Open Engagement Event Eventbrite Slido #3934188
29 June 14.00-15.00 Open Engagement Event Eventbrite Slido #1174364
11 July 11:00-12:00 Open Engagement Event Eventbrite Slido #3259185
27 July 14:00-15:00 Open Engagement Event Eventbrite Slido #1008430