Q2 2022 inbound data

Inbound visitor statistics for Q2 2022 (April to June)

The travel and tourism statistics published by The Office for National Statistics (ONS) are based on the results of the International Passenger Survey (IPS), but the running of the survey has been impacted because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

From January to June 2022, the ONS were unable to restart interviewing at Eurotunnel during this period due to COVID-19 restrictions but have modelled passenger numbers to estimate these results and allow comparisons to be made over time. Interviewing at Eurostar was not affected by Covid-19 restrictions between January and June 2022. The ONS restarted IPS interviews at all ports from July 2022.

Please find a summary of the Q2 2022 data below as well as in this quarterly summary report (PDF, 478KB). This report also includes some analysis by VisitBritain whereby we have extracted Eurotunnel data from 2019 so that we can make direct comparisons between 2019 and 2022 inbound statistics (see section 4). Please note the sample sizes when interpreting results.

Visits, spend and nights

All passengers Q1 2022 (Jan-Mar) Q2 2022 (Apr-Jun) YTD 2022
Visits 3.9 million 8.0 million 12.0 million
Spend £3.0bn £6.8bn £9.8bn
Nights 37.9 million 64.1 million 102.0 million

There were 8.0 million inbound visits to the UK in Q2 2022, around double the amount of visits in Q1.

Visitors spent £6.8bn from April to June, around the same levels which were seen pre-pandemic, bringing year-to-date spend to £9.8bn.

In total, 64.1 million nights were spent in the UK bringing the year-to-date figure to over 100 million nights, driven by a larger proportion of longer stays.

The average spent per visit was £759 in quarter one and £849 in quarter two (excluding those departing the UK by Eurotunnel).

Visits and spend by journey purpose

Journey Purpose (Visits) Q1 2022 (Jan-Mar) Q2 2022 (Apr-Jun) YTD 2022
Holiday 1.0 million 3.3 million 4.3 million
VFR 1.8 million 2.9 million 4.7 million
Business 847,000 1.3 million 2.1 million
Study 43,000 87,000 130,000
Misc. (excl. study) 225,000 438,000 664,000


Journey Purpose (Spend)  Q1 2022 (Jan-Mar) Q2 2022 (Apr-Jun) YTD 2022
Holiday £904m £3.1bn £4.1bn
VFR £1.1bn £1.7bn £2.9bn
Business £598m £1.4bn £1.9bn
Study £177m £292m £469m
Misc. (excl. study) £163m £280m £443m

The first half of 2022 was still heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic which saw most journey purposes still well below normal levels.

From April to June 2022, those visiting the UK for a holiday overtook VFR visits to make up 41% of all inbound visits accounting for 3.3 million visits and £3.1bn spend.

However, VFR visits and spend grew from Q1 to reach levels seen pre-pandemic therefore recovering at a faster pace than other journey purposes. In Q2, there were 2.9 million VFR visits to the UK who spent £1.7bn. This was driven by longer stays in the UK from these visitors who perhaps had not been able to travel to the UK since the beginning of the pandemic due to travel restrictions, including a large proportion of UK expats.

Business visits grew to 1.3 million in Q2 whilst spending more than doubled to near pre-pandemic levels at £1.4bn.

Study visits doubled in Q2, reaching 87,000 visits with those visitors spending £292m, driven by longer stays.

All other visits, under ‘miscellaneous’, accounted for 438,000 visits in Q2 which accounted for £280m spend.

Visits and spend by global region

Global Region (Visits) Q1 2022 (Jan-Mar) Q2 2022 (Apr-Jun) YTD 2022
Total Europe 3.0 million 5.2 million 8.1 million
EU Total 2.7 million 4.7 million 7.4 million
EU 15 2.2 million 4.0 million 6.1 million
Other EU 531,000 765,000 1.3 million
Rest of Europe 259,000 495,000 754,000
North America 437,000 1.6 million 2.1 million
Rest of World 524,000 1.2 million 1.7 million
Global Region (Spend) Q1 2022 (Jan-Mar) Q2 2022 (Apr-Jun) YTD 2022
Total Europe £1.5bn £2.8bn £4.2bn
EU Total £1.3bn £2.4bn £3.7bn
EU 15 £1.1bn £2.1bn £3.2bn
Other EU £166m £304m £470m
Rest of Europe £154m £417m £571m
North America £474m £2.1bn £2.6bn
Rest of World £1.0bn £2.0bn £3.0bn

There were 5.2 million visits from Europe in Q2 2022 who spent £2.8bn (excluding those departing via Eurotunnel). Of these visitors, 4.7 million were from the EU vs 495,000 from the Rest of Europe.

In Q2, visits from North America more than tripled vs Q1 to 1.6 million visits with those visitors spending £2.1bn (Q2 record). Both visits and spend were higher than Q2 2019, driven by longer stays of 15+ nights.

Visits from the Rest of the World also doubled in Q2 vs Q1, reaching 1.2 million visits, with spending at £2.0bn.

Visits and spend by UK region

REGION Q2 2022 VISITS (000) Q2 2022 SPEND (£m)
Total England 7,124 £5,757
London 4,280 £3,721
Rest of England 3,233 £2,036
Scotland 834 £901
Wales 186 £99

Please find a more detailed breakdown of the Q2 2022 regional data in this quarterly regional summary report (PPT, 355 KB). This report also includes some analysis by VisitBritain whereby we have extracted Eurotunnel data from 2019 so that we can make direct comparisons between 2022 and 2019 inbound statistics.

Detailed historical data from 2009 to Q1 2020 is available at the UK level and the regional level.

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More detailed information on 2022 inbound data can be found on the ONS website.