Visitor characteristics

  • Half of holiday visitors are aged under 35, perhaps a concern given the acute employment situation for the young in Spain at present
  • Business visitors are four times more likely to be male than female
  • More than half of holiday visitors are making a repeat visit to Britain
  • While seven-in-ten visitors are Spanish around one-quarter are in fact British expats
  • Madrid and Barcelona are the areas of Spain generating the greatest number of visits
  • 83% of visitors from Spain are either ‘very’ or ‘extremely likely’ to recommend Britain for a holiday or short-break

Popular activities

Visited a Museum

Visited Parks/ Gardens

Went Shopping

Global context

International tourism expenditure (US$bn)17.8
Global rank for international tourism expenditure16
Number of outbound visits (m)23.0
Most visited destinationFrance

Key demographic and economic data

Population (m)46.4
GDP per capita (Int $)25,854
Annual average GDP growth over past decade (%)0.4
Annual average GDP growth in the past year (%)3.2

Inbound visits to Britain

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Access to Britain from Spain

Weekly aircraft departures2,452
Weekly seat capacity449,280
Airports with direct routes in Spain32
Airports with direct routes in Britain28
Weekly ferry crossings7
  • Seat capacity from Spain has not changed greatly in recent years and is highly seasonal, reflecting demand for travel by Britons to Spain rather than vice-versa
  • Airports right across Britain have direct air links from Spain but Gatwick, Manchester and Stansted are the airports receiving the greatest volumes
  • The vast majority of visits from Spain are by air, all of whom are subject an Air Passenger Duty fee of £13

What Spaniards think about Britain

  • The cultural products that the Spanish most strongly associate with Britain are museums and pop videos
  • 42% associate the statement ‘has a rich and interesting history’ with Britain
  • 32% believe Britain is ‘good for High Street shopping’
  • Although nearly one-third associates Britain with ‘scenic natural beauty’, competitor destinations such as France and Ireland are more strongly associated with the attribute
  • The Spanish do not consider Britain to be a ‘luxurious’, ‘relaxing’ or ‘romantic’ destination
  • Italy and Ireland are viewed far more favourably than Britain for ‘people’ related attributes such as ‘welcome’

Caring for visitors

  • Websites, brochures, leaflets, signs and so on, need to be available in Spanish
  • Bed & Breakfast accommodation is popular, especially outside London, or boutique budget hotels which are centrally located
  • Spanish are interested in local colour – markets, pubs, interesting excursions and shopping possibilities
  • The Spanish eat late, normally not taking dinner until after 9pm

The leisure & travel trade

  • Virtually all tour operators feature Britain either in a dedicated brochure or as part of a European programme
  • Generally tour operators use ground handlers in the UK
  • The planning cycle is later than in other European countries, taking place from January-April and May-September
  • Personal relationships are very important to the Spanish and take time to build


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As of 26 April 2017

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