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From 22 May we will be working to update all of the data and documents on this page following the Office of National Statistics (ONS) revision of the International Passenger Survey (IPS) data for 2009-2018 and the released detailed 2019 data. UK data will be updated first and followed by the regional data from 27 May. Please be patient as we update these pages or contact the VisitBritain research team if you have any questions- VB/VEResearch@visitbritain.org. Thank you.

Visitor characteristics

  • Almost all business visitors are male but Britain attracts more female than male leisure visitors
  • 49% of Polish visitor spend comes courtesy of visits to friends and/or relatives, 30% from business visits
  • Only 46% of holiday visitors are making a repeat visit to Britain (excluding British nationals)
  • 98% of visitors from Poland are either 'likely' or ‘extremely likely’ to recommend Britain for a holiday or short-break

Popular activities

Sightseeing of Famous Buildings/ Monuments

Visited a Pub

Went Shopping

Global context

International tourism expenditure (US$bn)9.7
Global rank for international tourism expenditure35
Number of outbound visits (m)18.4
Most visited destinationUnited Kingdom

Key demographic and economic data

Population (m)38.0
GDP per capita PPP (US$)31,658
Annual average GDP growth over past decade (%)3.5
Annual average GDP growth in the past year (%)4.2

Inbound visits to Britain from Poland

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What the Polish think about Britain

  • Poles have a positive view of the UK ranking it overall second out of fifty nations in 2019.
  • Their most positive perceptions are in relation to 'contemporary culture', 'culture' in general, 'vibrant city life', 'sports', 'cultural heritage', and 'historic buildings', but areas of comparative weakness include perceptions of 'welcome' and of the UK's 'scenic natural beauty' 
  • The UK is strongly associated with music, films, and museums
  • Although many Poles see Britain as having a strong culture and heritage offering, this is equally true of their view of France and Italy
  • Activities that appeal to potential Polish visitors include 'riding the scenic 'Hogwarts Express' (Harry Potter train) through the Scottish Highlands', 'enjoying a traditional afternoon tea', 'driving through the countryside of England', 'visiting Madame Tussauds', and 'going hiking on the South West coast'

Caring for visitors


  • Visitors appreciate information being available in their own language
  • British food is not a major draw for Poles, but British pubs are popular
  • Ownership of credit cards is relatively low compared with Western Europe and many Poles prefer to pay with cash
  • Around 65% of individual Polish travellers book 3-star hotels, B&Bs or hostels, although they usually book 4-5 star accommodation when on package tours


The leisure & travel trade

  • The Polish tourism market is dominated by many small businesses
  • The large tour operators research their main programmes between February and April
  • If you commit to the Polish market, you will need to visit your contacts at least once or twice a year

Access to Britain from Poland

Weekly aircraft departures471
Weekly seat capacity88,518
Airports with direct routes in Poland13
Airports with direct routes in Britain20
  • Three in five visits from Poland to the UK are made via plane
  • 641,000 of the annual 1.8 million visits from Poland are by those driving a lorry to/from Britain
  • 13 airports in Poland served 20 airports in Britain in 2019
  • The current rate of Air Passenger Duty for visitors departing Britain for Poland is £13