Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Visitor characteristics

  • Most visitors are people aged 25-54
  • Just above half holidays visitors (excluding British expats) were making a repeat trip to Britain in 2015 (within 10 years)
  • 34% of visitors are British passport holders and 41% are Hong Kong nationals
  • Departing visitors from Hong Kong are less likely to recommend Britain for a holiday or a short trip: only 55%  of them are 'extremely' likely to recommend Britain against 69% for the all-market average

Popular activities

Visited a Museum

Visited Parks/ Gardens

Went Shopping

Global context

International tourism expenditure (US$bn)23.1
Global rank for international tourism expenditure11
Number of outbound visits (m)32.6
Number of outbound visits excl. China and Macao (m)5.8
Most visited destinationChina
Most visited destination (excl. China and Macao)Taiwan
Most visited destination in Western EuropeFrance

Key demographic and economic data

Population (m)7.3
GDP per capita (US$)42,384
Annual average GDP growth over past decade (%)3.4
Annual average GDP growth over the past year (%)2.4

Inbound visits to Britain

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Access to Britain from Hong Kong

Weekly aircraft departures60
Weekly seat capacity19,100
Airports with direct routes in Hong Kong1
Airports with direct routes in Britain3
  • Visitors to Britain who are Hong Kong citizens do not need a visa to visit Britain
  • Over 9-in-10 visitors depart Britain by air
  • Those departing Britain for Hong Kong by air, pay £73 in Air Passenger Duty in economy class
  • Cathay Pacific flies over 60% of all seats available between Hong Kong and London*

*2016 data

What Hong Kong citizens think about Britain

  • Hong Kong citizens hold a broadly upbeat opinion of Britain
  • 38% of Hong Kong citizens say they know either ‘a lot’ or ‘a fair amount’ about Britain
  • 44% say ‘famous buildings’ is a reason to visit Britain while 39% identify ‘feel safe’ as a factor
  • Four-in-ten say that ‘cost of getting there’ and ‘cost of being there’ may deter a future visit to Britain
  • Britain is seen as more ‘cosmopolitan’ than leading competitor destinations, but is outperformed in terms of associations with attributes such as ‘colourful’, ‘vibrant’ and ‘fun’
  • Competitor destinations are more highly associated with offering ‘value’ than is Britain

Caring for visitors

  • The family is the most important part of life; this cultural value of togetherness impacts on travel behaviour
  • Visitors from Hong Kong are more likely than average to use a credit card while in Britain
  • Those in Hong Kong who are superstitious may find some traditional accommodation, for example country house hotels, and even four-poster beds ‘spooky’
  • Hong Kong citizens love food and are adventurous in tasting local cuisine and produce

The leisure & travel trade

  • There are over 1,400 tour operators and travel agencies in Hong Kong, but around 20 dominate the market
  • Details of updated product and packages should be sent to the Hong Kong trade by December
  • Using English as the language for meetings and correspondence is normally not a problem


Hong Kong market profile

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Exchange rate

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As of 27 April 2017

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