Latest quarterly data for the UK overall

The latest quarterly data from the International Passenger Survey is available below. This shows the overall volume and value of visits to the UK by overseas residents.

The Office for National Statistics are expecting to release the Q1 2018 on 5 September, we will update this page once the data is available.

Latest quarterly data for overall visits to the UK

Visits from overseas residents to the UK in Q4 (October to December) of 2017 were down 5% to 8.9 million compared to the record set in Q4 2016.  Spending by overseas visitors during Q4 was also down 3% compared to Q4 2016 (in nominal terms) at £5.3 billion.  Visitor nights in Q4 were down 6% on the same period last year.

With data now available for the whole of 2017 we can see it was a record 2017 with 39.2 million visits, 4% higher than 2016.  Inbound visitors spent a combined £24.5 billion, 9% more than was spent in 2016 (in nominal terms).  In 2017 there were also record levels of inbound visitor nights – 284.8 million – 3% up on 2016.

Use the chart below to explore visits to the UK from overseas by quarter, including a breakdown of visits, nights and spend by market and purpose of visit. We also have data available by area in the latest data by area section as well as insights about the latest monthly data.

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