GB Day Visits: Latest Results

The Great Britain Day Visits Survey (GBDVS) measures the volume, value and trip characteristics of tourism day visits in Britain. 

The next publication of GBDVS data will be in 22 December 2022.  This will be the data collected during 2021 (April – December).   Below is the most recent data currently available from 2019. 

GBDVS 2019 Annual Report

2019 – Tourism Day Visits at a glance

The GB Day Visitor Survey 2019 (PDF, 4.6MB | PPT, 3.7MB) is the latest annual report for the survey. This provides a detailed overview of survey findings, broken down by regions, demographics and other key variables.

GBDVS 2019 Monthly Results

2019 Detailed Overview (PDF, 299KB) | 2019 Detailed Overview (Excel, 71KB)

About the Great Britain Day Visits Survey

The GBDVS uses an online methodology, weekly interviews and an annual sample of c. 35,000 adults in Great Britain.  For this survey, it is important to define 'tourism day visits' in a way that is both measurable and in line with international recommendations. For the Great Britain Day Visits Survey, a 'tourism day visit' trip must:  

  • Involve participation in one of 15 leisure activities;
  • Have lasted at least three hours (including travel);
  • Not be an activity which is undertaken 'very regularly'; and
  • Be in a destination outside the respondent's place of residence (or place of work if this was the start point of the trip). The exceptions to this are trips to special public events, live sporting events and visitor attractions.