Make your business accessible

Do you want to extend your season, obtain loyal customers and gain a share of a £12 billion market? Find guidance, tools and resources to help you provide access for all.

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One in five people in the UK have an impairment, which may affect where they choose to stay or visit. Improving your accessibility benefits all customers and does not always require major or expensive changes – simply providing a free Accessibility Guide for your venue can help you be more inclusive for people with a wide range of visible and hidden impairments.

Accessible tourism: the business case

There is a compelling business case for making tourism venues and experiences inclusive. People with health conditions & impairments and their travelling companions spend around £12 billion on trips in England each year, but an additional £117 million could be generated from additional trips if accessibility was improved.

People from this market are more likely to take longer trips and are anecdotally very loyal to places that meet their requirements.

Accessible tourism volume and value infographic


How to become more inclusive

Making reasonable adjustments to your facilities and services can make things easier for all your customers. These can be as simple as providing low cost items such as a portable ramp, large print menu or seating at regular intervals, to investing in a Changing Places facility or powered hoists in larger businesses.

Marketing your accessibility

People with accessibility requirements are constantly searching for places to stay and visit that'll meet their individual needs. Make it easier for people to choose your business over others by confidently promoting your accessibility.

Other resources

Find even more resources and details of England's Inclusive Tourism Action Group (EITAG).