Get involved in our international marketing

Learn how we reach and target our customers through our brand toolkit, PR strategy, our content guidelines and VisitBritain Images. You can download our toolkits and guidelines and learn how you can work with us. 

I Travel For toolkit 

Our 'I Travel For' campaign uses short films and story-telling to highlight the unexpected experiences and less explored destinations in Britain, aligning passions that motivate people to travel with experiences that can only be had in Britain, inspiring overseas visitors to book a trip right now.

Download our brand toolkit (PDF, 16MB) that provides you with simple and versatile guidelines for Leisure and Travel Trade marketing. It has been created to give you the support needed for a consistent and inspirational campaign promoting Britain around the world. You’ll find it helpful in applying all elements of the campaign to your communications and in achieving a consistent look and feel in partnership campaigns and marketing. By following this guide and combining passions for travel, themes and visual elements you can create powerful communications across print, social, video and online formats.

Global PR Strategy 

Our Global PR Strategy outlines the role of Global PR including amplfying our marketing campaigns, repositioning Britain, driving coverage and measuring the results, PR's place on the customer journey, how we prioritise customer segments, our PR priorities and KPIs. Download our Global PR Strategy (PDF, 1.8MB) 

VisitBritain Images 

In May 2018 we relaunched our online asset library VisitBritain Images (VBI), destinations can submit their images to be loaded into the library to allow their images to be used by third parties when they are promoting Britain for tourism-related purposes. Learn how to register and upload images to VBI through our quick guide video

We are always adding images to our brand library and look for images from across Britain, download our brand asset guidlines (PDF, 6.7MB) to understand the types of images we are looking for in our I Travel for campaign. 

Content guidelines 

We have redefined and changed the way we look at and speak to our customers, we have created a guide that gives you insights into the principals we follow to create content that will inspire our audiences. The guide includes information on our brand proposition and digital principles, content objectives and strategy, our global audience, how we talk, our channels and best practice. to learn more download our content guidebook (PDF, 3.9MB)