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What do I get?

  • Your news and product updates may potentially be used across consumer, trade and media digital and social channels (as appropriate)
  • Content may be used in our travel trade product updates for product and contacting managers, as well as travel trade training materials (commissionable product only)
  • Content may be pitched to international media

What is it?

Share your stories, news and product updates for possible inclusion in our current campaign – across social media, written consumer and media content, trade content and PR pitches. This year we are sharing content to our international market teams around 3 key themes as a promotional activity to attract potential international visitors and travel trade. Please refer to our Storytelling Framework (PDF, 156KB) for more information on products and experiences that we would love to hear about:

  • City foodies - visitors have not been able to eat and drink in bars and restaurants in the same way during the pandemic, or to experience new culinary cultures. Britain’s culinary scene gives an opportunity to meet old friends, make fresh local connections, explore new neighbourhoods, try sustainable offerings and taste innovative new takes on age-old classic dishes.
  • City icons with a twist - visitors continue to have an interest in icons, but are motivated by variety and curiosity. Let’s invite visitors to engage with our icons and history in an exciting, fresh, and modern context.
  • Outdoor in the city - After months of restrictions, we are all keen to make the most of our freedom. Let’s invite visitors to engage with different and surprising outdoor city experiences that feed curiosity and help them embrace their freedom again.
  • City Plus: Whilst cities are a focus of our recovery strategy, we are also keen to include a city plus message. If you are within an hour of a large city, or have great transport links to and from a city, please also send us your news relating to the above three themes.

We are keen to hear all your news and are particularly interested in:

We are keen to hear all your news that could fit within the above themes and are particularly interested in:

  • Major openings and launches aligned to the above (i.e. hotels, accommodation, attractions, exhibitions, restaurants etc.)
  • New bookable products and experiences tied to key themes (i.e. New tours, experiences, trails)
  • New film / TV tie-ins connected to the themes above (e.g. is a new film / TV show being shot in your destination – can the public visit the location?)
  • Sustainability initiatives, experiences (highlighting additional detail around the product, i.e. Is the product signed up to any green scheme? Does it have protected status? Are you doing community engagement around the product? Is the product open seasonally outside summer holidays? Stand out green policies associated with the business/experience?)
  • Celebratory events of 2022, this year we are celebrating the Queens Platinum Jubilee, Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and Unboxed. Do you have a new experience or product as a result of one of the events? Please also share accompanying images.
  • Big events and openings in 2023

We will be writing the following pitches and articles in August, please let us know if you have any fitting products:


  • Coastal content: top coastal walks, post-summer coastal festivals, seafood shacks
  • Seasonal content: Halloween, Christmas markets, autumn and winter foodie experiences (food trails, markets, tours etc.)
  • Glamping and unique camping sites
  • Ways to experience cities from a new angle (from the sky, on water etc.)
  •  Affordable experiences in Britain
  • New accommodation, restaurants and bars     

When sharing your news, please note:

  • For inclusion in our travel trade materials, please share 2022/2023 news and new products/experiences that are bookable or commissionable
  • Please confirm if image / video assets will be available to support your story and if you would be willing to give us the right to use these in our marketing and trade activity - we appreciate you may not have these assets yet.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have all the details yet. Top-line information is welcome at this stage and you can keep us updated as your plans develop

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*We may not be able to reply to everyone, but if you send us your news we will be regularly managing the inbox and considering your stories for potential use in future consumer marketing activity for 2022 and 2023. 

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