English Tourism Week 2021

An annual celebration of English tourism. English Tourism Week highlights the importance, value and vast contribution of the sector makes to the UK economy to stakeholders including, government, MPs and ministers.

English Tourism Week 22-31 May 2021 - Here for tourism

Save the date for English Tourism Week which will take place on 22 - 31 May 2021. 

VisitEngland is proud to lead the annual English Tourism Week campaign celebrating our diverse, exciting and vibrant sector, and showcasing the quality, range and value of English tourism to stakeholders. The week provides an essential opportunity to raise awareness of the sector to key stakeholders including MPs, with VisitEngland working to support English destinations with political engagement nationally, regionally and locally, and the recovery of the sector.

Making up 80% of the UK’s visitor economy, English tourism in 2019 generated over £100 billion a year and supported 2.6 million jobs and is a major employer of school leavers and young people, as well as an incubator for entrepreneurs and innovation. It provides a spotlight to put tourism front of mind with key stakeholders and showcase the amazing work that goes on each and every day to build strong and resilient destinations. Local MPs will be supported with the information they need to understand just how important tourism is in their local area. 

English Tourism Week can:

  • Provide an opportunity to engage with your local stakeholders such as local MPs to bring attention to tourism’s contribution in your area
  • Increase awareness amongst domestic and overseas visitors of the value and quality of the English tourism offer and encourage domestic travel.

ETW21 Toolkit

This year we will be sharing the slogan "Here for Tourism". Download a copy of the briefing document, ETW logo and Here for Tourism industry assets to use across your social channels to share the message, along with the hashtag #EnglishTourismWeek21 and encourage your stakeholders to show they are "Here for Tourism" too. 

Show your support for English tourism with the hashtag #EnglishTourismWeek21. Don’t forget to tag us @VisitEnglandBiz! 

Feel free to add a message of support too, eg “We're Here for Tourism because ..XX…” (see examples* below or create one of your own)

On #throwbackthursdays share photos and memories of your favourite holidays in England to celebrate the times and places we love.


*Examples of supportive statements:

  • “We're Here for Tourism because of its importance to our culture and heritage #EnglishTourismWeek21 @VisitEnglandbiz”
  • “We're Here for Tourism because it employs more than 2.6m people in England #EnglishTourismWeek21 @VisitEnglandbiz”
  • “We're Here for Tourism because of great local businesses in my area such as [insert name] #EnglishTourismWeek21 @VisitEnglandbiz”

HRH Prince of Wales is Patron of English Tourism Week 

Watch Prince Charles' message which he recorded in 2016: 

Click the closed captions button for subtitles.

English tourism touches everyone – visitors, residents, businesses and destinations. It is one of the few sectors active in every part of the country.