Business Events Resources

Directly or through external organisations, VisitBritain can provide support to the business events industry.

We have tools and resources available that can help you discover more about us and what we do, how we can support and work with you in building the sector’s capability.

DEI: The Future of Events PathwayDEI Pathway cover

VisitBritain has partnered with pro-social organisation New Intent to create and launch its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Pathway (PDF, 11.7MB) supporting the understanding and deeper implementation of DEI across workplaces and in event design. 

The framework gives wider definitions and best practices for British partners in understanding DEI. It explores the relevance within event transformation and offers practical advice to support organisations and event teams to accelerate positive change. 

Bringing your Business Event to the UK

Bringing you BE to the UKWhat you need to know about Bringing Business Events to the UK (English version) (PDF, 14.9MB). 

This FAQs document includes information about travelling to the UK, attending a business event, staff and suppliers involved, sales & promotion, VAT, freight, healthcare for EU citizens, roaming phone charges, and GDPR.

A French version (PDF, 5.3MB) and a German version (PDF, 1.9MB) are also available.

Disclaimer: This information is provided in good faith and it is for guidance only. Please ensure you check the official UK Government website for updates prior to booking and/or travelling to a Business Event in the UK. This information is subject to change.

UK Sector Strengths

As a leading in business events, the UK focuses on our intellectual capital to have a resonance with buyers’ expertise, values and aims.

The UK's cutting-edge technology, innovation and invention, and revolutionary research is leading the race to a net zero carbon economy; driving our economy into the future, bringing investment and opportunity.

Get a taste of the UK’s unrivalled knowledge, research and expertise, or use this content to strengthen your bid proposals, by taking a deeper look at some of our UK’s key sectors:

Business Events Target Segments

Are you a destination, a venue or a business events supplier? Do you want to know more about business events buyers and what they are looking for with their events?

You can find information on associations and corporations, how to approach, their buyer journey and the important decision-making factors in our target segments presentation (PDF, 7.2MB).

International Markets Profiles

Need more information about international markets and how to do business with them? What are the top event trends, flight connectivity with the UK, as well as MICE media and agencies in the country?

Download our market profiles:

Note: market profiles are revised twice in year, with updated flight connectivity details.

Legacy and Impact toolkit 

In partnership with #MEET4IMPACT, VisitBritain is pleased to introduce our Legacy and Impact Toolkit (PDF, 10.65MB).

This toolkit has been designed to help you create the greatest possible impact through the activities you undertake, specifically congresses and events. It supports DMOs to work collaboratively with clients and partners and create impactful change from the events it helps attract.

Download this toolkit to grow knowledge and understanding of legacy programmes for events, identify legacy opportunities, and understand the pathway for developing legacy projects.

Sustainability toolkits

In partnership with GDS-Movement and isla, VisitBritain developed some sustainability toolkits to support you in your journey towards sustainability.

Event guide to organising a sustainable event (PDF, 764.2KB) 

This guide supports you in your comms to event organisers, and can be included in any content to possible proposals. The guide has been created to provide a general narrative to support in the approach of organising a sustainable event.

It includes event sustainbaility checklists (PDF, 4.3MB) with some detailed practical tips across the 4 main areas to manage: Energy, Food & Water, Production, Travel & Transport. 

Responsible delegate guide (PDF, 10.6MB)

This guide to bespoke using information from your destination to support responsible choices by visiting delegates.