Keep it real

How to market and communicate your green credentials.

VisitBritain/Matt Cant

What do you mean, keep it real?

If you’re already working hard to be more sustainable, it’s time to find how to make your customers know about it - and enjoy it.

Keeping it real is all about recognising that authenticity makes your customers’ holidays and days out more fun and their business trips more pleasant.

Businesses like yours across England are changing to be more sustainable but are too shy to tell their customers, for fear it’s not relevant or will be misunderstood. Some of you have public recognition in awards and certification but still struggle to know how this can be used to best effect.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is intended for all those businesses that behave sustainably, but struggle to know how to turn their efforts into real commercial advantage.

The information will help you to improve how you communicate your green credentials and explain how to use them as a key marketing tool:

  • to attract new customers,
  • to tempt them with more interesting products,
  • to persuade them to behave more responsibly, and
  • to encourage them to spread the word and return.