Employ and manage staff

Tourism thrives on customer service, so hiring staff members who fit with your style of business is vital.

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Whether you are considering taking on a part-time employee for the first time or expanding an existing team, good recruitment and employee management is crucial to the growth of your business.

Hiring staff

Workplace pensions, health & safety obligations, managing salaries and tax. There’s a lot to consider when taking on new employees - but it can be easier than you think.

If you’re hiring somebody for the first time, why not consider an apprenticeship or a college placement? Step-by-step guidance is available to help, no matter which option you choose.

Know your legal obligations

Our Pink Book of Legislation can help you ensure your accommodation business is compliant.

Managing your employees

There are steps you can take to reduce issues in the workplace, such as ensuring your payroll is set up correctly from the start or doing a free training course on resolving conflict. Having set policies on flexible working or reward schemes can also benefit both your business and staff.


An apprentice is an employee aged 16 or over who spends 20% of their time in formal training for a work-based qualification. Taking advantage of the apprenticeship scheme can reduce your staff turnover, cut recruitment costs and increase employee satisfaction.

If you’re a small or medium-sized business (SME), you can access Government funding to pay the majority - or all - of the training costs.

  • If you have under 50 employees, the Government will pay 100% of training costs if your apprentice is aged 16 to 18
  • If you have over 50 employees, you pay 10% towards the training costs and the Government pays the rest, up to the funding band maximum

Extra funding and support may also be available depending on your apprentice’s circumstances.

Find Local Support

Your local Destination Organisation or LEP Growth Hub may be able to help you take on staff.