Accommodation Occupancy: Latest results

Every month the England Occupancy Survey (EOS) measures bedroom and bed-space occupancy across the serviced accommodation sector – from large hotels to small B&Bs and farmhouses.

As well as delivering occupancy levels for the country as a whole, results are also available by establishment type, destination type, room size, tariff, and more.

How the survey is conducted:

Data is collected from a panel of participating accommodation businesses who submit data each month.

In the UK each of the national tourist boards undertakes its own serviced accommodation occupancy survey. The results from these surveys are combined to deliver the UK Occupancy Survey (UKOS).

Read more about our survey methodology (PDF 14KB).

Survey reports


England Monthly Reports 2017

Graphic from EOS July 2016


England Monthly Reports 2016

UK Monthly Reports 2016


Download the 2015 UK Annual Occupancy report (PDF, 657KB) 

England Occupancy Survey results 2015

Monthly reports from the year-to-date for England and the UK:

England monthly reports 

*Reissued 15/10/2015 due to incorrect January-June data

UK monthly reports

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