When to apply

Find out when to apply and the indicative timetable of activity for the Discover England Fund.

Current status: Option two funding for smaller projects and continuation of Year 1 pilots is now open for expressions of interest until 10 March 2017.


Round two Option two – Now open for applications for smaller projects and continuation of Round one projects

The application and assessment stages are:

20 Feb - 10 March 2017

Stage 1: Log interest by 10 March: If you consider your project meets the criteria please email your interest to the Discover England Fund team. See the guidance and criteria to see if your project matches the criteria before applying.

22 Feb - 14 March 

Stage 2: Telephone call: If your project meets the headline criteria we will arrange a telephone call by 14 March to discuss outcomes.

13 April (midday)

Stage 3:  Completion of application form: If your project meets the headline criteria you will be sent an application form, to be completed and returned by 13 April.

May 2017

Stage 4: Assessment: We will assess applications on criteria, the results of which will be presented to the Discover England Fund Awards Panel. They will decide on award funding for projects.

June 2017

Stage 5: Notification: You will be notified on the outcome of your application in June 2017.

Download the full guidance (PDF, 361MB) for more details when applying for Option 2.

The relationship with Round 1: Year 1 Projects

Please note that  Round 1 projects can apply for up to £250,000 continuation funds in Year 2 if they can demonstrate early successes and opportunities for further development and growth. You will be contacted by VisitEngland to advise whether you will move onto stage 2 based on the information you provide.

Round 1 applicants are not excluded from applying in Round 2 for a 2 year project if they feel activities can be amplified on such a scale as is required. A separate application must be completed as outlined in this guidance document.

Please contact DiscoverEnglandFund@visitengland.org if you require further guidance.

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Option one – large-scale collaborative 2-year projects 

The timetable for large-scale collaborative projects is outlined below:

Year 2/3 timetable

By 28 October 2016

Logging of Expression of Interest (EOI)

During November 2016

Telephone calls to determine whether to take EOI forward to full application

31 March 2017

Deadline for Full Application Form

May 2017

Applicants notified of Awards Panel’s decision

May –  June 2017

Grant offer process and project set-up

July 2017 – 31 March 2019

Project delivery (dependent on the set-up process above)