What’s New in Britain

Share new product, experiences, anniversaries and future events with us for the opportunity to feature across our channels, including gardens and cities in spring.

What is it?

We’re looking for new product, experiences, anniversaries and future events to help keep Britain top of mind for when the time comes to drive immediate bookings from international markets.

This year our PR, social and content teams will be working together to share integrated stories of Britain across channels tied to our four core themes: arts & culture, food & drink, heritage: historic towns & iconic sites and outdoors coast & countryside.

From April to June we are looking for content to support Britain’s Coastal Highlights, Sustainable Travel in Britain, The Great British Road Trip.

We are looking for submissions from all areas of Britain on topics such as:

  • Image/b-roll assets of coasts and scenery; ways of travelling (i.e. cycling, walking, driving)
  • Environmentally-friendly news (give back to nature & farm-to-table)
  • Road Trip ideas and tips for visitors (i.e. driving tips, hidden gem stop-points)
  • New product news & product development – accommodation, tours, packages
  • Outdoors content – experiences, tours (walking, cycling), and ultimate spots to social distance
  • Coasts story hooks & news (i.e. surfing, coastal cuisine)
  • Sustainability product, content or news

Send your submissions to the VisitBritain PR team.



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