Volume & value

Need the latest stats and insights on the domestic tourism market? 

Explore detailed information about domestic overnight and day trip tourism, including the most recent monthly and annual survey data, together with analyses of economic impact and employment.

The value of tourism in England

All the most important facts and figures about English tourism – volume, value and recent trends

GB Tourism Survey (domestic overnight tourism): Latest results

The Great Britain Tourism Survey is a national consumer survey measuring the volume, value and trip characteristics of domestic overnight tourism trips taken by residents in Great Britain.

GB Tourism Survey: 2018 overview

Get a snapshot of domestic tourism in 2017 with the latest Great Britain Tourism Survey data

GB Tourism Survey: archive

Find results from earlier years of the GB Tourism Survey in this survey archive.

GB Day Visits Survey: Latest results

The Great Britain Day Visits Survey (GBDVS) measures the volume and value of tourism day trips in England, including detailed information about trip purpose and other trip characteristics.

GB Day Visits Survey: Archive

Find results from the earlier years of the Great Britain Day Visits Survey (GBDVS).

About GBTS and GBDVS

Find out more about the survey methodologies and calculations

Destination-specific research

Find analysis and results for regions, counties, local authorities and towns.

Analysis by destination type

All our research is carried out at national level, but where we can, we produce results for individual destinations and destination types too.

England visitor activities

Access our insight on the activities domestic visitors undertake on trips to England.

Topic papers

A series of papers on a wide range of topics summarising data from 2014 are available.

GBTS/GBDVS data browser tools

Online Data Browser
Easy-to-use online tools which allow you to interrogate yearly data from the Great Britain Tourism Survey (GBTS) and Day Visits Survey (GBDVS).

Economic impact and employment

Economic impact and employment
Information about how tourism contributes to the economy and supports jobs.