Visitor characteristics and behaviour

As part of the Discover England Fund we are delivering a programme of research to support product development in England. 

We have developed a series of reports to provide a deeper understanding of visitor behaviour as it relates to product development, including regional profiling, information sources, decision-making and activities undertaken.

Re-Analysis of IPS and other data

These reports bring together data from the International Passenger Survey (IPS) and findings from other research carried out in recent years to give insights into a series of topic areas

1. A summary of insights on overseas visitors to England's regions.

This report looks at the volume, value, profile and travel motivations for key international markets, with results shown for each of the nine regions of England.

Download the summary report here in  PowerPoint (PPT, 15MB) or PDF (2.4MB).

2. Understanding participation in leisure activities. 

This report provides information about motivations for travel, and interest and participation in different types of leisure activities

Download the activities report here in PowerPoint (PPT, 15MB) or PDF (1.5MB)

3. England’s Gateways 

This report looks at international traveller profiles and behaviour based on where and how they departed from the country, with information provided by English region, mode of transport and for individual airports and for Eurostar.

Download the gateways report here PowerPoint (PPT, 998KB) or PDF (1004KB)

4. Age groups and Lifestages

This report looks at international traveller profiles and behaviour amongst different age groups. 

Download the age groups and Lifestages report here PowerPoint (PPT, 1288KB) or PDF (1143KB)

5. Multi-Destination Trips

This report looks at the profile of inbound visits which include two or more destinations, both "London plus" trips and trips involving multiple destinations outside the capital. 

Download the multi-destination trips report here PowerPoint (PPT, 1316KB) or PDF (1060KB)

6. Destination Types

This report looks at the profile of inbound visits who stay in England's different types of cities and towns. 

Download the destination type report here PowerPoint (PPT, 966KB) or PDF (949KB)

7. Day Trips

This report looks at the profile of inbound holiday visitors who take day trips from the UK's cities and towns

Download the day trip report here PowerPoint (PPT, 3.5MB) or PDF (1.9MB)

8. Destination Summaries

This report includes summaries on the top 20 holiday destinations in England.

Download the full destination summary report here PowerPoint (PPT, 5.88MB) or PDF (1.6MB)

Individual destination summaries:

Bath PowerPoint (PPT, 530KB) or PDF (413KB)

Birmingham PowerPoint (PPT, 500KB) or PDF (411KB)

Bournemouth PowerPoint (PPT, 446KB) or PDF (384KB)

Brighton PowerPoint (PPT, 482KB) or PDF (408KB)

Bristol PowerPoint (PPT, 564KB) or PDF (498KB)

Cambridge PowerPoint (PPT, 508KB) or PDF (452KB)

Canterbury PowerPoint (PPT, 577KB) or PDF (459KB)

Eastbourne PowerPoint (PPT, 546KB) or PDF (447KB)

Exeter PowerPoint (PPT, 520KB) or PDF (439KB)

Hastings PowerPoint (PPT, 569KB) or PDF (450KB)

Leeds PowerPoint (PPT, 453KB) or PDF (414KB)

Liverpool PowerPoint (PPT, 463KB) or PDF (390KB)

London PowerPoint (PPT, 530KB) or PDF (424KB)

Manchester PowerPoint (PPT, 452KB) or PDF (397KB)

Newcastle PowerPoint (PPT, 490KB) or PDF (406KB)

Nottingham PowerPoint (PPT, 462KB) or PDF (419KB)

Oxford PowerPoint (PPT, 597KB) or PDF (516KB)

Stratford Upon Avon PowerPoint (PPT, 553KB) or PDF (453KB)

Windsor PowerPoint (PPT, 502KB) or PDF (419KB)

York PowerPoint (PPT, 501KB) or PDF (428KB)


New Research – Decisions and Influences

In spring 2016, VisitBritain commissioned new research in 20 markets to understand the holiday decision-making process. Results from this research are available for three topic areas

Britain and Competitors – a report looking at knowledge of, and interest in Britain compared to its competitive set

Download the Britain and Competitors report here PDF (1343KB)

Researching and Planning a Holiday – a report providing information about motivations, information sources, and timings for the planning process

Download the Researching and Planning report here PDF (1643KB)

Booking a Holiday – this report provides information about booking channels and websites, and also about which trip elements are booked in advance of travel.

Download the Booking a Holiday report here PDF (1392KB)

Full Report – download the full report, with results for all three topic areas here PDF (3796KB)