Viral video sees Chinese Peppa Pig fans invited to the UK

23 January 2019

Following a video that went viral on the Chinese social media channel Weibo, we are working with YOUKU Kids Channel and the British Embassy on a competition for Peppa Pig fans in China to visit the UK.

Earlier this month, Chinese twins posted a video message on the social media channel, Weibo, asking to visit Buckingham Palace. Earlier this week, the twins had tea with the British Ambassador Dame Barbara Woodward where they were told that YOUKU Kids Channel and the British Embassy would help them realise their dream.

During the afternoon tea Barbara Woodward and YOUKU General Manager, Liao Huainan, announced a competition to help more Chinese children visit the UK.

‘Special Invitation from the UK’ will allow the winning children to travel with Mi Ni and Mi Ai to visit Buckingham Palace in the UK and explore British culture during the summer.

In support of the British Embassy and YOUKU, we are helping to organise the trip which will feature a visit to Buckingham Palace, the family theme park Peppa Pig World and see the studios where the cartoon is made.

YOUKU will track the children’s tour in Britain and broadcast it on their platform ro families in China so more people can share their experience.