USA CO-OP marketing test pilot campaign

An opportunity to be part of our multi-million pound US international 2023.

What do I get?

  • An opportunity to be part of VisitBritain’s multi-million pound US international campaign (the wider halo campaign is £3M plus)
  • Showcase your product /experience /destination to an audience who are engaged with Britain and convert that sale
  • Access to media experts at reduce rates who will help you plan a mini campaign approach which works for your specific needs

What is it?

We have launched a new USA Co-op Marketing Test Pilot program to leverage our media partnerships to provide a collaborative consumer marketing campaign platform that tourism industry partners can buy in to.

Kicking off in March 2023, VisitBritain will deliver value to industry by seeding the program with an initial investment of a GB£250K media buy to generate awareness and stimulate consideration to visit Britain amongst travel intenders.

Aims and purpose:

We will test the viability of a co-op marketing program through leveraging its media partnerships to provide a collaborative consumer marketing campaign platform that tourism industry partners can buy in to.

  • We will deliver value to industry by seeding the program with an initial investment of a GB£250K (estimated) media buy to generate awareness and stimulate consideration to visit Britain amongst travel intenders.
  • We will offer opportunities for industry to capitalize on this interest by expanding on VB’s marketing objectives to include engagement and conversion.
  • Partner investment levels available in three (3) tiers starting at a minimum of US$15k (GB£11,4k) (estimated) and can be scaled up depending on partner interest and capabilities. The 3 investment tiers are listed below:
  • US$15k (GB£11,450)
  • US$30k (GB£22,900)
  • US$50k (GB£38,168)


Media channels:  Digital Video and Display (see partner information deck below for details)

This program would extend and amplify the impact of VisitBritain’s brand solus message (See Things Differently) and increase the opportunity for developing incremental business to Britain.

  • Based on learnings from a potentially successful test pilot, VisitBritain will continue to refine, evolve and expand a scaled-up coop marketing program for future FY2023-24 building on the core objectives and strategies of the FY2022-23 Brand Solus campaign.


Campaign objectives

  • Inspire and influence diverse Experience Seekers* (25-44 years old) to see Britain as a dynamic and diverse destination. (*see target audience details in deck below) 
  • Make Britain the destination of choice in Britain’s most valuable inbound markets by driving incremental consideration to visit and bookings in 2023 supporting the recovery of the UK industry.
  • Increase consideration to choose Britain as their next overseas trip, over competitor destinations & achieve cut-through and engagement with audiences to ensure campaign impact.
  • Drive and track incremental visitors, nights and spend from USA top performing destination marketing areas (DMAs) to Britain in 2023 via the Co-op Test Pilot.



  • VisitBritain Contribution - GB£250K
  • Co-Op Partner Contribution:  GB£200K (partners will be invoiced in USD). Note: total partner contribution estimated pending final investment levels. 
  • Note exchange rate: 1 GBP = 1.31 USD). Campaign is funded in US$ to minimize currency exchange fluctuations.

Campaign Timing:  March to June 2023

  • VisitBritain contribution:  March 2023
  • Partner contribution:  April to June 2023


Partner eligibility criteria:

  • Quantity of partners: For this first test pilot program, we are recruiting approximately 12 partners, depending on investment levels.
  • Business Focus / Target Audience: The applicant’s company must be targeting the American consumer (B2C) since this campaign focuses solely on targeting the consumer audience. No travel agent / B2B element is included in this campaign.
  • Business Location: The company must have a permanent place of business in either US, Canada, England, Scotland or Wales (i.e. a registered office in either of these jurisdictions per Companies House).
  • Categories:  The Coop Test Pilot campaign is open to the following categories:
  • Destination marketing organization (DMO’s)
  • Airlines (must have direct service between US/UK)
  • Hotel/s
  • Car rental
  • Tour Operator (US or Canada based headquarters only) 
  • Entertainment (theatre, live events)
  • Rail / other transportation (ferries, bus)
  • Tours & Activities 
  • Museums & Attractions

What company categories aren’t eligible to participate? For the sake of clarity, the following types of companies and organisations aren’t eligible for this campaign and so cannot apply:

  • Destination Management Companies (DMC’s)
  • Travel Agency Consortia
  • Tourism Business Improvement Districts (TBIDs)
  • Online Travel Agents
  • Sole traders
  • Membership organisations representing solely a sectional interest-group within the tourism and hospitality industries, such as hotelier associations and attraction groupings.
  • Grant Funded parties: If your company (DMO or DMC/inbound tour operator respectively) are successful in applying for grant funding from either the GREAT Gateway Innovation Fund and/or the DMCs’ and Inbound Tour Operators’ Amplification and Distribution Fund then any funds you receive from these Funds can only be spent on approved, eligible activities and cannot be on participating in this marketing co-operative partnership opportunity.  (i.e. VB funds cannot be recycled to pay for VB opportunities)


  • Registrations of interest must be submitted via the online form no later than Monday, January 16, 2023 in order to be considered as a potential partner for this campaign.
  • Any registrations received after January 16, 2023 will not be considered.
  • Eligibility will not be considered on a first come, first served basis but rather against the partner eligibility criteria.

Register your interest:

  • Interested parties should complete the online registration form below by January 16, 2023:
  • Note: MMGY Global, our third-party agency, will follow up with all interested parties on behalf of VisitBritain. See contact information below.

Essential resources and documents for download:

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VisitBritain USA (Co-op Pilot campaign leads):

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