Tourism Sector Deal highlights

In June 2019 the Government announced a Tourism Sector Deal. This is a game-changer for tourism, spelling a step-change in how we underpin the success of tourism for a generation, moving it to the top table as a leading industry for the UK Government’s future economic planning.

Read the Prime Minister's announcement here.

This deal is testament to what can be achieved by working in partnership and we would like to thank all of you who have been involved. It represents more than two years of hard work, commitment and determination from the tourism industry which came together with one voice, getting behind the bid to build consensus on ideas for the future and offering commitments that align with the five key pillars of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy.

Highlights of the deal are:


infographic with the text 'Ideas, encouraging the uk to be the world's most innovative economy. Create a tourism data Hub, to better understand visitor preferences.'

‘Ideas’; industry and the BTA will work together to create a new independent Tourism Data Hub which will help the sector to better understand visitor preferences in real time.


Infographic. 'People. ensuring good jobs and greater earning power for all. create an additional 10,000 apprenticeships starts a year. invest £1 million in recruitment and retention programme. 80% of workforce to receive in-work training. Develop 2 new T-Levels. 10,000 employee mentorships a year'

‘People’: Industry will create an additional 10,000 apprenticeship ‘starts’ a year by 2025; a £1 million recruitment and retention programme; and increasing in-work training, mentorships and development of new T-Levels.


Infoagrpahic. 'Infrastructure, driving a major upgrade to the UK's infrastructure. Develop an additional 130,000 bedrooms. Invest £250k in broadband connectivity for conference centres. Increase Britain's images an accessible destination.'


‘Infrastructure’ – Industry will continue to invest in accommodation - developing an additional 130,000 bedrooms by 2025 - and attractions and innovative products. Government will make travel to and around the UK easier for tourists with the development of its Maritime and Aviation strategies as well as a number of policy developments.

Joint working to ensure support for the Government’s ambition to make the UK the most accessible tourism destination in Europe by 2025 and increase the number of international disabled visitors by a third.


Infographic. Places, supporting place based solutions and boosting productivity across the UK. 5 Tourism Zones.


‘Places’ - piloting up to five new Tourism Zones, supported by central government and a biddable funding process, to drive visitor numbers across the country, extend the season and to tackle local barriers to tourism growth.

Infographic. Business environment, guaranteeing the best place to start and grow a business. Make the UK the leading destination for business events in Europe.


‘Business environment’ – launching a Business Events Action Plan 2019-25 to make the UK the leading destination for business events in Europe.