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Learn more about the new platform to help English businesses grow your reach and access new markets and customers.

What do I get?

  • Opportunity to reach a wider global audience via a one-stop online platform
  • Raise awareness of your product via multiple distributors and increase your bookings

What is it?

Brought to you by VisitEngland, (TXGB) is a one-stop exchange for English tourism suppliers (e.g. accommodation providers, attractions, tours, etc) to link with distributors (e.g. online agents) with reach all over the world.

Think of a holiday cottage in the Lake District. Or a kayaking tour in Cornwall. Know a vineyard that runs wine tastings? Or a historic house and garden? All of these and more can benefit from TXGB – linking their availability, pricing and content to global Distributors such as Expedia and

Most importantly, TXGB does this all in one place. And it gives Suppliers and Distributors access to sales data too, so that they can analyse trends and forward bookings.


A cartoon illustration showing two women working on laptopsAre you a Supplier?

You can easily connect to TXGB by linking your booking system directly (and then all the info is pulled through automatically) – or if you don’t have a booking system (or your system isn’t one that we’ve connected TXGB to just yet) then you can enter all your details manually through TX Load – with a view to getting connected via a booking system further down the line.

And if you don’t already have booking pages on your website? TXGB can provide booking pages, for you to put on your own site.

There is no cost for you to join – you choose which Distributors you want to work with (signing up to their Ts and Cs and commission levels) and that’s it! You just pay Distributor commission and a 2.5% + vat booking fee for each TXGB online booking.

Information for Suppliers

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A cartoon illustration of a group of four people standing before a large globe. Two are holding a magnifying glass over a flag on England, one is pointing to it, and another is on a laptop.Are you a Distributor?

You can connect for free via TXGB’s white-label tools (giving you a ready-made page setup), or connect via an API (which allows full customisation), for a development charge. In doing so, you will have access to lots of great English product at your fingertips, in a much easier way than ever before.

Information for Distributors


Cartoon illustration: one man holding a sign with Cambridge on it and looking at a device, another is holding a large magnet and two people are walking towards them carrying luggage.



Are you a Destination Management Organisation?

There are also exciting possibilities for DMOs, as you can choose to become Distributors and sell products from your Destination through your online channels to attract visitors.

Information for Destinations


Help is at hand

For suppliers, distributors and DMOs, there is help at hand for any questions that might arise. We have a 24/7 email and phone helpdesk.


What happens next?

Visit to find out more and to connect your business.


A line diagram from left to right: UK suppliers indicated with building and balloon icons, which is connected to booking system with a calendar icon, which is connected to TXGB platform logo, which is connected to global distributors with company logos, which is connected to new customers with a person icon.Join our "Taking England to the World" regional workshops

Learn how to internationalise your business with one of our FREE one-day training workshops taking place around the country from autumn 2019.

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