Star rating & accreditation schemes

Gaining accreditation through an official assessment scheme shows that you are committed to quality, giving potential guests a label they can trust and providing clear expectations for customers when booking.

We manageĀ a number of accommodation quality schemes designed to help businesses reach their full potential. Our National Quality Assessment Scheme is the largest official star rating scheme in the UK, with over 24,000 participating businesses. We also work with self-catering agencies and destination organisations to raise standards.

Quality assessment for your accommodation

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Taking part in VisitEngland's National Quality Assessment Scheme and gaining an official star rating can improve your guest experience, helping your business thrive.

Quality assessment for your attraction

Hever Castle
VisitEngland's Visitor Attraction Quality Scheme can help you to develop and promote your attraction.

National Accessible Scheme

Wheelchair users in the Science Museum
The National Accessible Scheme (NAS) is the only scheme that rates the accessibility of visitor accommodation throughout England.

Sustainable tourism certification

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Certification from a green certification scheme demonstrates to your customers, and potential customers, that you are a genuinely sustainable business.

Other accreditation schemes

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Find out about our accreditation schemes for tourism-related sectors including pubs, racecourses and passenger boats.