South West Tourism Growth Fund

During 2015, the £5m Government-funded South West Tourism Growth Fund (SWTGF), supported by an estimated £2.2m from partners in the public and private sectors, was part of a collaborative approach to promote South West England overseas and to deliver economic growth in the short and medium-term. The fund aimed to develop businesses to be international visitor ready and to develop integrated products and experiences across South West England.

The key markets for activity included Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and the United States. Working with partners, we developed a tactical campaign ecompassing a wide range of marketing and business-focused activities, including:

  • Standalone brand campaigns to raise awareness of South West England
  • Tactical partnership campaigns to encourage consumer activity
  • Travel trade activity to raise awareness and increase bookable products
  • Business visits and events activity to raise awareness of South West England as a conference destination and win new business
  • International education element to students to explore South West England when studying English. 

Activity, assets and resources 

Assets and resources for the various SWTGF workstreams are available to download below. 


Partnership campaigns

Travel Trade

International education

Comms, press and PR

Logos and images

Consumer maps

Consumer itineraries 


Belgium and France





USA & Rest 


Download evaluation results for NTGF & SWTGF (PPT, 2MB)