Showing love for Great Britain

We are refocusing our international marketing activity in the light of COVID-19. Find out how to join the conversation.

What do I get?

  • An opportunity to be part of our marketing response to the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Join our social activity to share British popular culture and themes to markets
  • Free of charge

What is it?

In these uncertain times, we remain committed to sharing everything that is great about Britain and wanted to keep you updated on the work we’ve been doing behind-the-scenes. 

Whilst we can’t actively promote travel to Britain, we’re working hard to plan our response to COVID-19 across the business. This means that when the time comes for us to promote travel to Britain once more, we will have maintained a warm dialogue with consumers to ensure Britain remains top of mind.

The below provides an overview of our planned global response to the current situation across VB/VE consumer marketing channels.

Social & website

We will be sharing content focused on five themes linked to popular British culture designed to help consumers beat the boredom and frustration (including quizzes and trivia):

  • Film & TV (e.g. British series on Netflix, film and TV locations in the UK)
  • Literature (author itineraries, literary locations)
  • Food & Drink (British recipes from iconic restaurants, food traditions and culture, pubs)
  • Music (famous musical city itineraries, Spotify playlists, music locations)
  • Heritage & gardens (virtual museum tours, British traditions, outdoor spaces, British animals)

As restrictions are lifted and we begin to anticipate travel to the UK, we will move into sharing inspirational content so that consumers can beginning planning their visit.

This is a difficult and worrying time for all of us and your obvious business priority is supporting your local members and partners, but if you would like to join the conversation and align to these five themes on your social channels you can do so via @lovegreatbritain #lovegreatbritain on: 

See also an opportunity to share your heart-warming stories with us.


A group has been established to support the industry once Britain and markets move into the recovery phase. We will continue to update you regularly.

We are working on making more guidance available to support SMEs during this period. Please follow our corporate website and subscribe to our industry newsletter for more information as it becomes available.

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Contact details

Contact name

Join the conversation on your social channels you can do so via @lovegreatbritain #lovegreatbritain on @VisitBritain Twitter, VisitBritain Instagram, Love Great Britain Facebook, @VisitEngland Twitter, VisitEngland Instagram EnjoyEngland Facebook