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Discover what others are doing to improve their customer service, find ideas on promoting your business and explore how other businesses cater for their target markets through our best-practice case studies. Also access case studies from past and current issues of Quality Edge magazine and find out how to apply for the VisitEngland Awards for Excellence.

VisitEngland Awards for Excellence

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Find out more about the 2018 VisitEngland Awards for Excellence.

Accessibility case studies

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Hear from other tourism businesses who've made simple steps to improve their accessibility and develop their customer experience.

Business development case studies

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Learn top tips from other tourism businesses on running a business successfully and improving your customer experience.

Destination case studies

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See examples of innovative solutions developed by destinations to improve their visitor experience.

Quality Edge case studies

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Watch in-depth case studies featured in Quality Edge, VisitEngland's essential business advice magazine.

Sustainability case studies

Hear from other tourism businesses who've successfully embraced sustainability and developed their customer experience.